Scylla is a Predacon in the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.
Scylla robot

Who wears short-shorts?

Scylla (スキュウレ Sukyūre, pronounced "skyoo-la") is a pirate wench, and proud of it! The second strongest of the Seacon Space Pirate team, Scylla uses her powerful beast mode in battle. Very fast under water, her greatest attack is the "Kiss of Death."

Scylla fell madly in love with the Maximal Scuba at first sight, and pursues him tirelessly... in spite of the fact that the Maximal Bighorn is in love with her, a fact to which she seems quite oblivious.

Put delicately, despite her manifold virtues, Scylla is not the brightest of the Seacons. But they still love her.

Scylla combines with her fellow Seacons to form God Neptune.


Beast Wars II cartoon

Voice actress: Miwa Matsumoto (Japanese)
Skylla beast

Hey there, sailor...

Scylla arrived on planet Gaea with the rest of the Space Pirate Seacons in search of loot, namely the Angolmois energy. They immediately began pumping Angolmois energy out of the planet, which alerted the Maximals to their presence. Lio Convoy sent Scuba to spy on the Seacons while Halfshell sent Scylla to guard the perimeter. While patrolling around, Scylla laid eyes on Scuba and became madly smitten. Scuba was less than pleased, doing his best to get as far away from her as possible. She instantly earned the scorn of Artemis, who also had a crush on Scuba.


There ain't nothin' pretty about Cybertronian 3-ways.

A little while later, Bighorn got a look at Scylla as she was resting off-shore and became infatuated with the fembot. However, his inability to swim made reaching her rather difficult. Scylla ignored Bighorn's advances, as she was more interested in wrapping her tentacles around Scuba. Scylla spent more time chasing Scuba than helping the Seacons secure treasure, which often infuriated Halfshell. This was especially problematic, as she was required to form the leg of God Neptune.

Beast Wars II manga

Scylla fell in love with Scuba rather by accident. Bighorn, after first laying eyes on Scylla, became infatuated with her. However, being so stupid, he could not muster the creativity to craft her a proper love letter. After a bit of coercing, Bighorn convinced his teammate, Scuba (renowned for his poetic skills), to write a magnificent love letter for him.

Bad move. Scylla received the letter, and due to a grievous error, discovered that Scuba wrote it and gained the wrong impression. She then fell madly in love with him, chasing the reluctant bachelor all over Gaea. Bighorn eventually managed to express his feelings to Scylla in his own crude manner, but was shot down in a rather friendly way. Scylla informed him that, were he a squid, he might have had a chance.


Beast Wars II

  • God Neptune (Ultra, 1998)
Japanese ID number: D-21
BW2Scylla toy

You can tell I'm a girl by my lipstick in beast mode. Tee Hee.

Available only in the God Neptune multi-pack, Scylla is a redeco of the Generation One Seacon Tentakil, transforming into an ambulatory squid-monster. Like her fellow God Neptune partners, Scylla lacks her individual weapons and "weapon stand" parts. Being part of the Scramble City design, she can form the arm or leg to any compatible super robot, but her standard placement is as the left leg to God Netpune.
For unknown reasons, a great number of unboxed God Neptune sets --lacking all of their accessories, including combiner parts-- ended up available on the secondary market. These went for considerably less than the "complete" releases, naturally.
This mold was also used to make the Masterforce Seacon Tentakil. It was also slated to be released as Energon Tentakil, as part of an exclusive Piranhaking multi-pack that as of now remains unreleased.


  • The name "Scylla" (this time pronounced "silla") was mentioned in an episode of Beast Wars as a set of coordinates. This was most likely intended to reference a fan who want by the screen name "Scylla," who had named herself after the Beast Wars II character.
  • Scylla's name is derived from a mythical Greek monster of varying characteristics, but often similar to a sort of giant squid. Said monster is consistently female throughout the myths. Also, either name pronunciation ("silla" or "skilla") is technically correct, with the latter being the Greek pronunciation. Beast Wars II Scylla's name adheres to the Greek form "σκυλλα".
  • Scylla is the only female member of a Scramble City-style Combiner team. This is very creepy.

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