Scuzzard isn't any ordinary Scavengebot. Unlike the others who stick to scrap metal, he enjoys eating anything and anyone, and particularly likes playing with his food before eating it. Constantly hungry, he uses his buzzard form's beak to tear his prey apart before consuming it, and like a Chompazoid, every morsel gives him more power.
"Before this day is done, I'm going to feast on all of you.




Transformers: Robots in Disguise

"Bumblebee Versus Scuzzard"

Scuzzard laid waste to a good portion of Kaon before law enforcement managed to take him down. He was a prisoner aboard the Alchemor when it crashed on Earth, depositing his stasis pod in a marsh. After attempting to chow down on the bridge into Crown City, Scuzzard attacked Denny Clay's truck, attracted to the pinball machines it carried. When Denny managed to shake him off, Scuzzard ended up circling Doug's Den in the amusement park, until Sideswipe managed to make like bait and draw him away into the woods to an Autobot ambush. Despite Scuzzard putting up a decent fight, the Autobots captured him and were taking him back to base when he was suddenly spirited away by Filch, who had escaped captivity in the scrapyard. She took him to the amusement park, but when he started eating the rides, she saw his as a threat to her territory, and the two Decepticons fought. The Autobots soon arrived to intercede, and Sideswipe and Grimlock tag-teamed Scuzzard, eventually driving him into some power lines and shocking him unconscious. They returned the incapacitated Decepticon to their base and stuck him in a stasis pod.

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