Scuba is a Maximal from the Beast Wars II era of Generation One continuity.

Squiddly Diddly

Scuba is a quiet and reserved Maximal and a bit of a loner. He prefers to spend his time in solitude, reading and writing (he's a very talented poet). Though a calm and reserved character, Scuba is a very skilled fighter who strikes like a ninja; disappearing and reappearing at will. He has a cousin named Ikard and pilots the Tako Tank


Beast Wars II and Neo cartoons

Voice actor: Yuuji Kishi (Japanese)

Scuba came to Gaea with Lio Convoy and the rest of the Maximals while pursuing Galvatron and his Predacon forces. Scuba took his job very seriously and was one of Lio Convoy's most trusted soldiers.

Despite being quiet and kinda freaky-looking, Scuba was a total playa. Both Artemis and Scylla were madly in love with him, though he did not reciprocate the emotion. Scylla was the most forward of the two fembots, often literally chasing Scuba all over the planet.


Scuba's quote should be "No fat chicks".

During the final battle on Galvatron's warship, the Nemesis, Scuba was essential to the Maximal victory. After the Nemesis absorbed all the Angolmois energy on Gaea, Lio Convoy ordered Scuba to disable the warship. With the help of the Tako Tank (given to him earlier in the series by his cousin, Ikard), Scuba managed to complete his mission. However, like the rest of the Maximals, Scuba was caught in the self destruction of the Nemesis and lost within a wormhole.

Later, after Big Convoy, Lio Convoy and Magmatron defeated Unicron, all the Maximals, Scuba included, were freed from the wormhole and invited back to Cybertron to help repair their devastated planet and take part in a new Maximal-Predacon alliance.

Beast Wars II comic

Bighorn, a fellow Maximal, had a crush on Scylla but due to his meager intelligence could not pen a decent love letter to express his feelings. Bighorn asked Scuba to write the letter for him, as he was an accomplished poet. Scuba wrote a moving letter, but unfortunately, since Bighorn was also TOO CHICKEN to give the letter to Scylla, Scuba had to deliver the letter for the said buffalo. Predictably, Scylla got the wrong idea. Scuba then spent the rest of the adventure being molested by Scylla (hawt).

IDW Beast Wars comics

Scuba is one of many in an Angolmois-induced riot following Tako Tank, who broke a wall. The Ascending #4


Beast Wars II

  • Scuba (Basic, 1998)
  • Japanese ID number: C-15
  • Accessories: Boomerang
Largely identical to the Hasbro Maximal Claw Jaw (there are some very slight differences in plastic and paint hues), Scuba transforms into a maroon and orange squid. Pushing a plunger on his back opens his beast-mode jaws. This gimmick also works in robot mode. A piece of the plunger pops off to become a hand-held boomerang weapon.
This toy was redecoed into Ikard.
  • Scuba vs Thrust (Multi-pack, 1998)
  • Japanese ID number: VS-15
Scuba was also available in a "Vs" pack with the Predacon Thrust. Both toys were identical to their individual releases.

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