Scrounge is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

Just keep 'em turning, don't stop 'em rolling, the fire is on!

Scrounge has a special arm. There is no other like it.

He is a lot like Bumblebee—he is relatively small, weak, and over-eager to prove himself to the other Autobots; he's a passable spy thanks to the fact that he has a special arm (there is no other like it) specially designed for surveillance; he is yellow. Unlike Bumblebee, with his eagerness to please and general excitability, he has a habit of imagining any little bit of info he stumbles across into a huge and vital revelation that will change the course of the war.

The Autobots have heard him cry turbofox a few too many times, and so treat any info he uncovers with a good helping of doubt. Even his friend and partner Blaster tends to treat him as a useless, tag-a-long loser.

Portuguese name (Portugal comic): Crava
Portuguese name (Brazil comic): Surrupio


Marvel Generation One comics


He gets around, nyuk nyuk.

When Scrounge actually turned up a lead on really important information (the location of the Ark ship that was lost millions of years ago with most of Cybertron's finest aboard), no one paid attention. And so in another bid to prove himself by sneaking into Darkmount and spying on the Decepticons, he wound up captured, disarmed (literally), and thrown without a second thought into the smelting pool.


And thus the Armmasters were born!

Blaster belatedly came to save his little buddy, who was tragically little more than a melting torso by that point. Scrounge died a heroic death getting the Autobots the info, making them realize that they misjudged him, and leaving Blaster with a whole lot of angst, anger, and guilt to work through by killing as many Decepticons as he was able and generally being a hardass. The Smelting Pool!

Scrounge's death continued to hit Blaster hard as the war progressed, first as a reason to not repeat his loss when the scientist Spanner went missing The Bridge to Nowhere!. Blaster angrily brought up Scrounge's death later on Earth, after G.B. Blackrock questioned Blaster's credentials as an Autobot warrior. Crater Critters!

IDW Generation One comics


His special trash! There is no other like it!

Before the war began, Scrounge could be found scrounging for trash in the deepest, darkest slums of Cybertron. He still has a special arm. How many others are like it is unknown at this point. Megatron Origin issue 2

During the war, Scrounge fell in with the Autobots, but was on the list of warriors to be utilized as only as a last resort, presumably because, like Wheelie, he's low on useful skills. Spotlight: Wheelie

He was then shoved into a computer by Sixshot in an orbital base above Salvatin VI.



Autobots with silly abilities like turning invisible or making holograms only wish they could do this.

  • Scrounge's death haunted Blaster for a long time. He's kind of like Blaster's Gwen Stacy, only with a special arm instead of go-go boots.
  • Scrounge has a special arm (how many times can we mention that?) with two sensored fingers that pick up sound and video. He claims there is no other like it. However, in the Classics story Games of Deception, Elita One had a similar setup. Should have registered that patent, Scrounge.
  • In the film Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire mentions that his father was the first wheel. Perhaps this is some kind of homage to Scrounge.

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