Scrounge is an Autobot who knows his gaskets.


Beast Hunters issue 5

Missing an arm, Scrounge went before Iacon's acting commander Snarl to present his side of an incident involving a gasket that may or may not have been several microns different from an ordinary one. His testimony was interrupted first by Snarl's impatience and then by a cataclysmic planetwide restructuring event. Like many of the other damaged Cybertronian survivors, he was apparently made whole again by the planet's reformatting...which did nothing to prevent his destruction under a pile of rubble.


  • Scrounge's missing arm is, of course, a reference to his Generation 1 predecessor's "special arm" and its destruction at the hand of Straxus.
  • Scrounge has an Autobot symbol, which is extremely uncharacteristic of a character design new to the Beast Hunters comic.
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