Scratch has fancy claws that shoot lasers.


Scratch was one of the many Decepticons incarcerated aboard the prison ship Alchemor, and was freed after the ship crash-landed on Earth. He eventually ran into the Autobot Windblade, who was on a mission of her own. Although Scratch fought and blasted her with his claw-lasers, she was able to take him down by blasting him as Sideswipe watched. His unconscious body was secured inside a stasis pod alongside the other fugitives that the Bee Team had recaptured in the scrapyard.


Robots in Disguise


  • Scratch went unnamed in his sole appearance. His name from the script was eventually revealed by showrunner Adam Beechen.
  • Scratch was assumed to be Razorpaw when a playable character with a similar (but off-color) character model by that name appeared in the Robots in Disguise mobile game. But then Razorpaw appeared in the later episode "Cover Me" matching the game model, pretty firmly establishing the first kittybot as a separate character.
  • Besides the color differences between the two, Razorpaw lacks a tail, and has a fair amount of alternate-mode kibble differences from his model-kin.


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