Scrash is a Decepticon leader from the Operation Combination portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

The mysterious Decepticon Führer[1] Scrash (総統 スクラッシュ Sōtō Sukurassyu) commands the Decepticon forces from afar as they try to plunder the Earth of its energy. His troops consist of the mighty Battle Gaia and the Jet Corps. He apparently turns into a large jet.[2]


Operation Combination story pages

Commanding the Decepticons from a distance, Scrash was consistently thwarted by the likes of Sixbuilder, who led the heroic Autobot Earth defense force against him in Star Convoy's stead. Scrash himself never entered battle a single time.


No toy of Scrash was ever released, nor did he actually appear in any fiction; he is mentioned in background material for Operation Combination. The conjecture is that Scrash would have been the toy known as Skyquake. The use of the Turbomasters and Predators in the Operation Combination toyline seems to support this, as does the fact that in some European markets Skyquake was sold under the name Crash. Skyquake was also released in Japan in the European packaging, with only some legal information on the back changed to Japanese, which seems to bear the idea out further.


  1. "Sōtō", Scrash's title, can variously be translated as "supreme ruler", "president", "führer" or "generalissimo".
  2. Takara's TF Telephone audio adventures
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