"Scrappy" was the first Scraplet that was discovered in Autobot Outpost Omega One.


Transformers: Prime


Raf, while investigating the base, discovered a Scraplet scuttling around, and thought it was some kind of Autobot pet. He decided to play catch with the creature and threw a bolt, which "Scrappy" promptly devoured and identified with Raf rather adorably, with behavior similar to a cat. Raf carried Scrappy to the inner area of the base where BumblebeeBulkhead, and Ratchet were working. As soon as they saw Scrappy, all three panicked, and tried to explain how dangerous it could be to them. Raf thought it to be harmless, and that Ratchet was mistaken...until Scrappy spotted the Autobots, leapt out of his arms and chewed large scratches into Bumblebee's leg. Raf then smashed Scrappy several times with a crowbar, killing the parasite.


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