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Scrapper is one of the Constructicons. Once, he and his pal Mix were just a pair of construction vehicles, but a pair of AllSpark fragments changed all that. Though not the sharpest tool in the box, he does know construction like nobody's business. Like his compadre, he has an innate knack for grasping construction projects, and upon seeing a set of blueprints can get right to work. He doesn't want much out of life, just some oil to fill him up after a hard day's work and maybe a nice car to catcall. These acts, however, do not endear the both of them to their new boss, Dirt Boss, who just wishes they would stop goofing off and focus more on the big picture.


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Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Tom Kenny (English), Jörg Hengstler (German), Masashi Endo (Japanese)

"'Ey, see the exhaust pipes on that li'l red convertible?"

Scrapper and his good buddy Mix were spontaneously brought to life by AllSpark shards embedded in them. Though not quick on the uptake, the two Constructobots were able to name themselves and quickly hit the ground running...after attractive sports cars. When Scrapper noticed a construction accident about to harm Bulkhead, he pulled over with his friend and intervened. Tidying up the construction site with a fair amount of skill, he befriended the large Autobot and pressured him into going off for an oil break...from a nearby oil tanker. After expressing his misgivings about stealing oil, Bulkhead took the two Constructobots to the old auto factory to meet the other Autobots. Scrapper and Mixmaster proved too rough around the edges even for Ratchet's tastes, and their cavorting woke up Sari Sumdac. He and Mixmaster shared a laugh over the Autobots' "pet" while Optimus Prime asked Bulkhead why he was bringing "strangers" to their base (thus proving to be none too observant in the search for AllSpark fragments himself). Scrapper then went back to drinking oil and so flubbed a catch in a game of oil-barrel-lid frisbee. The disc severed Sari's pigtails, so Scrap found himself and Mixmaster kicked out the factory by Prime.

Dejected, Mixmaster and Scrapper happened upon Blitzwing and Lugnut stealing construction supplies...very ineffectively. Once again, they intervened just before someone could get hurt, saving Blitzwing from getting creamed by the load he was carrying. Scrapper then heard approaching police sirens, which Blitzwing told them was a quitting bell, meaning they could go home. Scrap and Mixmaster indicated they didn't have a home, so their two new buddies offered to let the Constructobots come home with them, saying the pair would be welcome to stay as long as they hauled the heavy trailers of supplies. As Scrapper obligingly pushed the supply containers uphill and out of earshot, he didn't hear Blitzwing ease Lugnut's concerns about Megatron's disapproval by assuring him that he'd take the two new bots offline once the heavy lifting was done. After the load was hauled, Scrapper was all set for an oily reward, unaware Lugnut was about to use his signature punch upon him and Mixmaster, when Megatron intervened. Scrapper followed Megatron into the Decepticons' inner sanctum, where he noted that the Decepticons had a pet as well. Then Megatron had the "pet" show Scrapper the space bridge schematics. He and Mixmaster immediately knew exactly what supplies would be needed to complete the bridge, as well as where they could be obtained.

The next day, Scrapper and Mixmaster "acquired" (stole) a load of construction materials and were fleeing pursuit by Sumdac Systems police robots when they ran into Bulkhead again. Stopping the chase, Bulkhead asked them what they were doing, and the Constructobots, being trusting souls, told him. Scrapper couldn't figure out why Bulky was so upset they were working for the Decepticons until Bulkhead said Megatron was trying to put one over on them. Mix and Scrapper weren't about to stand still for that, and they sped off to settle the score. Their initial complaints didn't go over well, as the Decepticon leader proved far less gentle and jovial, slamming them up against the mountainside near the mine. When he and Mixmaster said why they were angry, though, Megatron turned on the sweet talk again, spinning a tale of Autobot oppression. This proved a bit high-concept for Scrapper, but then Megatron offered to explain it over a few barrels of oil. This proved far more Scrap and Mixmaster's speed, and soon they were guzzling away while Megatron once again pitched the space bridge project.

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your circuits down.

Showing up at the auto factory, Scrapper joined Mixmaster in revealing that they were indeed working for Megatron, since Megatron had better oil. Showing there were no hard feelings, they said they weren't about to hurt the Autobots, just come pick up the AllSpark fragments and be on their way. Optimus Prime objected, but Mixmaster called him a dipstick and knocked over the 98-ton-weakling. A fight broke out, and Scrapper tackled Prowl—without much success. Scrapper picked himself up while Mixmaster ransomed Bumblebee for the fragments. However, once Bulkhead handed over the fragments, Scrapper had no trouble accepting Bulky's offer to have "one for the road." Of course, he didn't know Bulkhead had secretly slipped him and Mixmaster some tainted oil, contaminated by the expired fixative that Bulkhead had saved. As Scrapper and Mixmaster ran off, Mix began feeling a little queasy. Scrapper teased him about not being able to hold his oil, until he started feeling the effects too. The bad oil reacted explosively, knocking out him and Mixmaster so the Autobots could reclaim the fragments. The blast also scrambled their memories, so when Scrapper came to, he didn't know who the big, angry guy was or why he was ranting about someone named Megatron and flinging his wrecking ball at them. Confused and frightened, Scrapper decided to vamoose. Rise of the Constructicons

Funhouse mirror time Mix & Scrapper find Sari.

Continuing to function, Scrapper and "Mix" resumed their obnoxious lifestyle, including oil consumption, attacking Marrmaba Brothers, Detroit's downtown auto supply store. Taking 100 barrels of motor oil with them, they quickly became the highlight of the local news, and the Autobots' attention.

Evading the police, Scrap and Mix found the trail of Bumblebee's leaking lubricant and followed it to find the source, no doubt with oil. Arriving at the undefended Autobot base, Scrapper quickly wondered how to bypass the door, but Mixmaster simply unleashed a torrent of acidic liquid, creating "a door" for them to enter. As they entered the base (quickly finding it so familiar), they ran into Sari, left behind by the Autobots. Scrap was subsequently attacked by a barrage of sound from Sari screaming after Mix asked her about where to find some local oil. Sari made her escape and trapped Scrap under a large gate, and was rescued by Mixmaster. Scrapper wanted to make an escape, but Mixmaster told him obviously Sari was hiding some primo oil, and he should grow a backhoe and follow the Autobot sidekick.

Continuing their search, they went into Sari's room and destroyed her handheld communicator, cutting her off from the Autobots. Not finding Sari, who was hiding in her bed, they continued to the Autobots' recreational area, as Scrapper admired the Autobots' large flat screen. Sari came bursting in to attack them with a hockey stick, but her plan sadly did not have a Plan B, and escaped. Mix replied she should come out, they wouldn't hurt her....much. They continued their search and found a stockpile of oil, guarded by Sari. Scrapper knew it was a trap, but was goaded by Mixmaster into getting the oil, and tripping on some oil. Scrap continued to not anger the human, but obviously Mix did not listen, and got pounded by the factory assembly line. After the beating, Mixmaster finally said NO oil could be worth this, much to Scrapper's chagrin, who had declared this all along. On the run from the Autobots once more, Scrap and Mix were intercepted by Blitzwing, who was sent by Megatron to bring them back. After giving them a barrel of the Decepticon premium oil, Blitzwing said there was plenty more where that came from. Remembering this from their prior visit with the Decepts, they then left, with Blitzwing.... Sari, No One's Home

"Yo my master, make with the biding already!"

With Megatron supervising, Scrapper and his buddy Mix later helped the Decepticons finish their space bridge. Their reward was a painful branding as part of officially becoming Decepticons themselves. When Bulkhead was captured and brought to Megatron, he begged the Constructicons for help, but thanks to the tainted oil having blanked their memories, neither Scrapper nor Mixmaster recognized him. Scrapper later suffered having to haul around some heavy spage bridge parts with Mixmaster while Bulkhead and Professor Sumdac argued over where the parts should go. He soon got sick of it and joined his buddy in an oil break. Before he could relish the moment, Starscream and a bunch of off-colored lookalikes broke into the base from above. A Bridge Too Close, Part I

So where's the Coca-Cola.

Megatron ordered Scrapper to provide him backup against Starscream's clones, apparently surprising him enough that he loosened his grip and lost his prisoners. Though Mixmaster had been ordered to find Blitzwing and Lugnut, he got busy plastering Starscreams and Autobots with his cement, so Scrapper found and freed the two Decepticons instead. He later cheered on Megatron's victory (despite having no idea what this "Cybertron" thing was anyway). The Autobot ship itself then arrived to attack, and Scrapper was ordered to help Mixmaster clear rubble from around the space bridge. Things really started to fall apart when the Space Bridge malfunctioned. Scrapper was last seen with Mix, heroically trying to save the oil from a cave-in. A Bridge Too Close, Part II

I am not your friend, son, unstand.

Scapper was lifting objects that fell in a hold they made. One of them was heavier but as soon as he pulled it out, it was a forklit with his colour theme. He was later mind controlled by Dirt boss and started hitting himself. Three's A Crowd

Times like these we hippees a kinds of refugees.

As of late he does not know where his fellow 'cons are but has found a friend by keeping Snarl as a pet. He later joined the Substitute Autobots to help Sari but decided to take a looooong vacation afterwards. He went back home with Snarl who will no longer give him rides. He now also writes diaries in the sand and can build incredibly strong rafts. Human Error, Part 2

Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

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D-did it leave a mark?

  • Scrapper got his name from the first thing he saw, a sign that said "SCRAP". His buddy Mix thought it was too short, so they both just settled on Scrapper instead.
  • Scrapper's chin looks similar to a steam shovel's scoop, befitting a Constructicon.
  • Scrapper starts out in a more standard construction vehicle color scheme of yellow and gray, and only switches to the classic Constructicon green and purple after becoming a Decepticon.
  • Like his good pal Mix, Scrapper's following the construction tradition of showing his buttcrack.
  • In vehicle mode Scrapper sometimes speaks through his bucket. Puppet show time!
  • An early head design sketch depicts Scrapper as having a vehicle grill-styled moustache, mirrored cab window "glasses" and no helmet.[1]
  • Scrapper's drill hand may possibly be a reference to the drill bits that came with the G1 Devastator toy.


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