The name or term Scrapper refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Scrapper (disambiguation).

Scrapper is a heroic Decepticon Constructicon from the Shattered Glass universe.

Scrapper is a Decepticon medic.


Shattered Glass

While exploring the Rad Zone, Scrapper and Long Haul stumbled upon a near-death Autobot, Cliffjumper. Under the impression that he was their universe's Cliffjumper, they took him to the Decepticon base and repaired him.

While they were repairing him, Scrapper and Hook found many anomalies with Cliffjumper's body, which made them realize that he wasn't who they thought he was.....and that he might not even be from the same universe.

At the end of the repair cycle, Cliffjumper woke up and shoved the pair aside in an attempt to escape. Shattered Glass

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