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The name or term Scrapper refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Scrapper (disambiguation).

Scrapper is a type of the Constructicons. He transforms into a front load shovel and the right arm of Devastator.


Revenge of the Fallen

During the battle at Egypt, Scrapper joins with the other Constructicons to form Devastator, to which he forms the right arm. In an other part of the battlefield, a Scrapper-type Decepticon chases Sam and Mikaela with Starscream and Long Haul. He uses his flail to break the bridge they were running on, and he shoots missiles during Scorponok's underground charge at Jetfire. When the Air Force carpet bombed the area, the Scrapper-like decepticon tried to escape but he was consumed in the explosions and killed. Meanwhile, Devastator began destroying one of the Pyramids of Egypt. Seeing this, agent Seymour Simmons contacted the U.S.S Kidd to fire their experimental rail gun at the decepticon. They obliged and fired the gun at the Scrapper arm, which caused the arm to smash apart as well as Devastator Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen: The Game

A Constructicon very much like Scrapper is an enemy in the Autobot campaign, and is one of the toughest drones to defeat. His weapons in this campaign is the claw (explaned in the paragraph above) it shoots a flat yellow laser kind of like Starscream's special abilities primary gun only his one is red. His secondary weapon is a set of small rockets.

Dark of the Moon

A Scrapper type Decepticon joins the invasion in Chicago along with Brawl-type and Long Haul-type Decepticons. He gets killed by Optimus Prime however, when the Autobot goes on a killing rampage. Optimus charges into the Scrapper-like decepticon with his energon sword, and finishes him off by slicing his chest, causing him to fall into one of Shockwave's explosions.


  • Scrapper (Legends, 2009)
Scrapper, now a Legends class figure, transforms into a front loader. He forms Devastator's right arms. In Japan he is a separate release from the other Constructicons. In America, he will be packed in a giftset with the others. Interestingly, this Scrapper toy has what appears to be "nipples". This is probably a coincidence.
Later on on late 2019 and early 2020 Scrapper finally gets a voyager figure
Scrapper (Studio Series, 2020)
Scrapper got a proper figure in the Studio Series line in 2020 numbered the 60TH Figure to be released Transforming into Robot,vehicle,and Claw/Right Arm for Devastator


  • In Revenge of the Fallen film, it appears that Scrapper's weapons are a type of claw-like gun on his right arm and a claw that can be used as a flail, similar to Megatron.
  • Both Scrapper and Scrapmetal share a body type. However, two designs, significantly different in their detail, have been acknowledged by the fandom as possible concepts for this body type. One features parts made from wheels and is also included on artwork for Devastator, while the other shows what appears to be tracks, concurring with the excavator alt mode. Whether the second design was intended to be Scrapmetal but dropped before the humanoid modes were rendered is unknown.

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