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This article is about the type of Transformer. For the sentient Scrapmetal, see Scrapmetal (individual).

The Scrapmetal are a type of Terrorcon from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

The ants come marching one by one hurrah, hurrah...

Nobody is completely sure where the Scrapmetal came from or how they got to be in their current state. Most posit they're a breed of mechanical vermin from Cybertron's lower levels that have been mutated by the effects of the Unicron Singularity. Others think they're the results of ancient cloning experiments by insect-like warriors from a bygone era. Red Alert theorized that they're from another world swallowed by the Grand Black Hole, moving from planet to planet, devouring everything in their path. Whatever their origin, their current state is painfully clear; there are thousands of Scrapmetal crawling in and on Cybertron, devouring any robot unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Individual Scrapmetal have only a base animal-level intelligence, and by Cybertron standards are small and weak, easily crushed. However, Scrapmetal are almost never witnessed as individuals; only in large swarms who can overwhelm robots far larger than they through sheer strength of numbers, no matter how many of their own dead they skitter over. They appear to follow the orders of a single (barely) sentient Scrapmetal, physically identical to his kin, but just bright enough to make the swarm really dangerous by giving them direction.

Japanese name: Rumble


Cybertron cartoon

The Scrapmetal appeared when the Autobots and Decepticons returned to Cybertron after recovering three of the Cyber Planet Keys. They attacked both groups and badly injured Crumplezone (though he was soon revived as Dark Crumplezone by the ghostly form of Megatron).

A red Scrapmetal husk was later rebuilt into a non-sentient drone that was piloted by Coby and used both in battle and in infiltration of enemy ships.

Cybertron comic



  • Scrapmetal (Scout, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GD-13
Part of the "Scout"-class price-point, the Scrapmetal transforms into a four-legged "spider tank" with top-mounted cannon. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into the back end of the cannon swings a removable clear-plastic sawblade-sword from the main chamber of the cannon. In robot mode, the fists can be covered with the tank-mode spikes, or a "pile driver". It comes with a Decepticon-insignia Cybertron-style Cyber Planet Key. The toy can represent either the mindless drone or Scrapmetal himself, making it ideal for army-building.
In Japan, three different colors of Scrapmetal were made available; red, blue and yellow, produced in equal numbers. For the Hasbro Cybertron line, at first only the red version was available with a few minor paint application changes. The Hasbro release also has the Key Code sf2x printed on the back of its Key. Later, the yellow version (with all of the paint applications from the Japanese release) was sold in Cybertron as well, this one with the Key Code "s1j5".
A slight retool and redeco of the toy is used for the Cobybot. For BotCon 2006, attendees who signed up for the custom-painting class received unpainted, unassembled red Scrapmetals, with their parts still on the manufacturing sprues, to be made into Universe incarnations of Rumble and Inferno.
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