This article is about the sentient Scrapmetal. For Scrapmetal in general, see Scrapmetal (type).

Scrapmetal is a Terrorcon from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Now, was that civilized? No, clearly not. FUN, yes, but by no means CIVILIZED.

Scrapmetal is an aberration among his own kind, a mutant among mutants. Though he is physically identical to his kin, of the thousands of near-mindless Scrapmetal that have chewed their way up from Cybertron's depths, this Scrapmetal is the only one to have developed intelligence. This only makes the swarm more dangerous.

Scrapmetal is just intelligent enough to be considered sentient, able to formulate simple plans and lead the swarm to specific targets. In theory he could be reasoned with, but good luck. All he wants is to feed and grow in power, and will stomp, blast, gouge and devour anything in his way to obtain it.



  • Scrapmetal (Scout class, 2005)
Scrapmetal transforms into a four-legged "spider tank" with top-mounted cannon. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into the back end of the turret swings a removable clear-plastic sawblade-sword from the main chamber of the cannon. He comes with a Decepticon-insignia Cyberton-style Cyber Planet Key.
In Japan, three different colors of Scrapmetal were made available; red, blue and yellow, produced in equal numbers. For the Hasbro Cybertron line, first only the red version was available, with a few minor paint application changes, and the yellow version was later released, with all of the same paint as the Takara version. Thus, Hasbro's red version can represent either the mindless drone or Scrapmetal himself. The Hasbro release of the red Scrapmetal has the Key Code sf2x printed on the back of his Key, while the yellow Scrapmetal's key has s1j5.
A slight retool and redeco of the toy is used for the Cobybot.


  • According to the expanded bio unlocked with his Cyber Planet Key Code, Scrapmetal (or perhaps, just the drones) may have some variety of connection with the original Insecticons. The exact nature of this relationship is unrevealed, however.
  • According to Don Figueroa, Scrapmetal was originally designed to be deluxe or voyager sized toy for the abandoned "Chaos Planet" concept. It had a much different transformation, but was still a walker tank.
  • All Scrapmetal molds contain both the insect and Cobybot head. The head was retooled at the request of Hasbro as they felt the original Rumble-homage head was too heroic-looking. Since Takara had the other head, they used it for the Coby exclusive. It was also available at Botcon 2006's custom class, which used freshly cast Scrapmetals. Somewhere in China there are a few hundred thousand Cobybot heads lying around in a factory, surely a goldmine.
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