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The name or term Scrapmetal refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Scrapmetal (disambiguation).

Scrapmetal, "the little one", is a Constructicon whose alternate mode is a Volvo excavator with a claw-like attachment attached to the end of its arm in place of a bucket.


Revenge of the Fallen film

Scrapmetal went down to the Laurentian Abyss with Long Haul, Mixmaster, Rampage, Ravage, and The Doctor to revive Megatron. When the Doctor found that he needed more parts to repair Megatron's body, he ordered Long Haul and Mixmaster to kill "ze little one", i.e. Scrapmetal, in order to get the parts he needed. Scrapmetal began protesting, but soon he was in pieces, resulting in their master's return. What great friends he had. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen



  • Constructicon Scrapmetal (Deluxe Class, 2019)
    • Number: 41
    • Japanese ID number: SS-32
    • Japanese release date: April 27, 2019
    • Accessories: Pyramid Desert Battle backdrop
Studio Series Constructicon Scrapmetal is an all-new Deluxe-sized mold that transforms from a robot based on the character's appearance in the Revenge of the Fallen film a piece of concept art that happens to be at the top of this page into an excavator. He comes with a cardboard backdrop display depicting Operation: Firestorm
Scrapmetal can be combined with the rest of the Studio Series Constructicons to form Devastator.


  • The character used to be called "ze little one" or "the little one" by fandom. Hasbro felt that they'd like to call him "Scrapmetal".[1] Seems he has a rather suiting name.
  • He looks like Scrapper in humanoid mode.
  • He has one line, "Wha...? NOOOOOOO" when he's getting ripped apart.
  • For awhile, many people assumed he was Scrapper or Overload. It was eventually confirmed that The little one was a separate character altogether.
  • Thanks to the technical error, he is both a bulldozer and a excavator, which may not make him a Triple Changer. Most people take the excavator for his alt mode, but Hasbro thinks the bulldozer is his alt mode.[1]
  • As he is dragged to the ground by his comrades, it briefly appears that he has caterpillar treads on his feet, similar to those of Megatron, who was repaired using his parts. However, these are probably the split tyres that can be seen on the concept art for Scrapper.
  • In the movie, both Scrapper and Scrapmetal share a body type. However, two designs, significantly different in their detail, have been acknowledged by the fandom as possible concepts for this body type. One features parts made from wheels and is also included on artwork for Devastator, while the other shows what appears to be tracks, concurring with the excavator alt mode. Whether the second design was intended to be Scrapmetal but dropped before the humanoid modes were rendered is unknown.
  • Even though he is called "the little one", his vehicle mode is one of the biggest of the Constructicons sent to revive Megatron. In robot mode he was as tall as Mixmaster, maybe even taller, because when he is killed, Mixmaster rips his leg off but Scrapmetal is still as tall as him.
    • It may also be that they meant "the little one" as a "younger" or "weaker" or "scrawny" Decepticon.


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