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While doing some Arctic surveying, Bumblebee and Bulkhead find a ship, but when they bring it back to base they don't expect the cargo inside.


Bulkhead and Bumblebee are doing some Arctic exploration to find a ship they found on their scanner. Bee begins to complain if they are there or not, but Bulkhead reassures him that they are close. When they cross the ridge, Bee finds the ship enclosed in ice. Back at base Bulkhead says he is fine from the frosty environment yet Ratchet snaps back with "You know that prolonged exposure to subzero conditions can cause permanent systems damage." Ratchet thinks that the pod can't be opened when it is solid, but doesn't know that it is thawing out.

Optimus and Arcee volunteer to find out more about the ship that they have taken. The kids arrive in time to say their good-lucks on the exploration, Raf wishes to see snow, and Optimus says he'll bring a snowball. Just as Optimus and Arcee are through, the space bridge controls spark. While Raf is imagining he is in the Arctic, he sees a bolt drop and wonders what did it. As he is trying to find what is making a noise he heard he trips over a Scraplet. He goes off to show the Autobots his new "friend" as the camera pans to a sparking circuit breaker.

Jack seems to have won the race he is playing against Miko, but then the power shorts out. Ratchet suspects a power grid failure when Raf introduces the Scraplet causing the 3 bots to scream and jump back, raising their weapons. Jack and Miko step in front of Raf and ask what's wrong. Ratchet states that Scraplets are the most dangerous vermin to ever crawl upon the face of Cybertron. The human look at the little robot and highly doubt it, until it wakes up, spots the Autobots and sprouts teeth, attacking Bee, in which Raf proceeds to smash it to pieces with a crowbar after Bee flung it off. Bulkhead then explains to the kids what the Scraplets do, dismantle machinery and eat anything metal, especially living metal. Ratchet suspects that the only way they got in was through the ship that they transported and thawed in their base. Ratchet inspects the ship to see that it is completely empty.

Optimus and Arcee's temperature hit the "Blue Zone", that Ratchet set up, and radio for base. When the signal is snowing, Ratchet realizes that the Scraplets have gotten the their comlink system. Bulkhead and Bumblebee want to leave and let the Scraplets take over, but Ratchet declines evacuation, for they need to get Optimus and Arcee back first. Miko says that Bulk never runs, but he explains that the Scraplets eat every part of you, even your optics. Raf interjects that since they are not made of metal the Scrappers would not feast on them, Jack backs him up by setting up pairs to watch the other.

Arcee suggests going to Miami but Optimus says that the nearest warm location is to far. The best option is to seek shelter and insulate themselves. Miko explains that she gets to be Bulkhead's guard for once. When the lights go out, Bulkhead screams "like a little girl", surprising Miko. Bulkhead tries to shoot some Scraplets, yet manages to bring down some cables. He tears those down and also brings a few Scraplets with it.

Bee is still unsure about the mission, but continues for victory. Bee pulls back one vent with a fan, but the Scraplets come out another that they passed over. Jack checks on Ratchet and complains that he did everything right, yet it wasn't receiving power. Jack hears some Scraplets on the wall and exclaims that they can fly. As they are eating Ratchet he suggests a fire extinguisher to kill them since the Arctic killed them. When the three regroup they notice a scout force of Scraplets hovering above them. The kids continue to use the crowbars they had when they were patrolling to kill more of the Scraplets.

Optimus tells Arcee to remain alert as it will keep them alive. Arcee wants to play a game called "Who Screwed Things Up Back at Base?" Optimus reassures her that one should not be judged by outward appearance. As the kids are killing what seems to be the last of the Scraplets, the full force is brewing up for the full feast. Ratchet thinks on why the bridge won't receive power, and suspects the fuel line is breached. The kids volunteer to go repair it. Ratchet and Bulk contemplate over how they will defeat the Scraplets. As they finish repairing the fuel line, the Scraplets begin their assault.

Ratchet activates the bridge and Bulkhead uses himself as bait. The Scraplets go through with Bulkhead and attempt to attack Prime and Arcee yet freeze before they can reach them.

As the Autobots recuperate, Ratchet gives the humans instructions but Optimus advises that he rest as well. He states that the kids, while lacking in size, make up for it in courage. Miko then screams as she sees a spider. Bulkhead asks "Did she just scream like a little girl?"



  • Optimus never brought back a snowball for Raf like he said at the beginning of the episode. Presumably he was preoccupied with freezing to death.
  • The Autobots do not have any trouble fighting in outer space which have freezing temperatures much colder than in the Arctic, unless the presence of ice was the reason why Optimus and Arcee were freezing in the Arctic.

Transformers References

Real World References

  • The Infared sight of the Scraplets is very simlar to the infared vision of the Predator.
  • A Dolly Zoom happens when Raf realizes that his Scaplet's attacking Bumblebee.
  • The first Scraplet hunt is called a 'bug hunt'
  • After Bumblebee's brush with 'Scrappy', Ratchet says that his injuries are 'only a mesh wound'.
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