This article is about the Cobra operative. For the Mini-Con, see Scrap Iron.

Scrap-Iron is a human Cobra operative from the Generation One continuity family.

Primary Military Specialty: Sucking up.

Scrap-Iron admires perfection above all things. He himself is perfect. The weapons he designs for his employer Destro are perfect. Everything else is imperfect. If his weapons are used to destroy this imperfect world...well, that would be just perfect.


Dreamwave Transformers/G.I. Joe comics continuity

When an attack by a Flint-led G.I. Joe team endangered his New York City facility, Destro sent Scrap-Iron to activate their prototype Flight Pods. He knocked out a cowardly Cobra trooper who attempted to steal Destro's personal escape Flight Pod, and then selflessly offered the vehicle to Destro alone. Destro instead allowed Scrap-Iron to ride "shotgun" on the Flight Pod as it carried them both to safety. Targets of Opportunity

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