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Ransack is a Decepticon Insecticon from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Ransack is a fairly simple being. A tough-talking and straight-forward warrior, he craves combat and longs for each new battle. He'll level a whole town, destroy natural wonders, and kill hundreds to complete his mission without batting an optic. Ransack notices such things, sure - he just doesn't care.


Marvel Comics continuity

Ransack never actually appeared on-panel in the Marvel comics. However, his fellow Deluxe Insecticons Venom and Chop Shop were part of the Mayhem Attack Squad on their mission to support the Wreckers against Megatron and Galvatron. It therefore can be inferred that Ransack and Barrage also belonged to the unit and were destroyed in the battle.

Dreamwave comics continuity

After the fragmentatrion of the Decepticon forces following Megatron's seeming destruction in a space bridge accident, Ransack joined Ratbat's Ultracons. He accompanied Ratbat and fellow Ultracons Chop Shop and Venom on a mission to the Tagan Heights, where they unleashed the deadly Devastator on the Wreckers. Capturing the Wreckers' leader Springer, the Ultracons were prevented from executing him when Devastator's battle with Defensor raged out of control. The Dark Ages, Part 2 In the chaos that ensued, Ransack and his allies escaped, leaving Devastator behind. The Dark Ages, Part 2

When Megatron and his Aerospace Extermination Squadron retook Cybertron and reunified the Decepticons, Ransack was assigned to supervise enslaved Autobot miners at Internment Camp Pi in Praxus. The Age of Wrath, Part 2

Ransack, along with Barrage, Chop Shop, and Venom, remained on Cybertron following the departure of the Ark and the Nemesis. The planet's chronic energon shortage reduced them to a vampiric existence, forcing them to capture Micromasters and drain them of their fuel. While pursuing Falcon and Flanker in the Wastelands, they ran into the middle of a conflict between the Hot Rod Patrol and Race Track Patrol. Destined For Nothing

After devouring Falcon they soon set upon the other Micromasters, but were driven back by the timely arrival of Groundshaker, who left with the Hot Rod Patrol. The subsequent arrival of Shockwave prevented them from devouring the Race Track Patrol, but he did toss them Flanker as a snack. The Gray Race The Insecticons subsequently abducted the Race Track Patrol and several other Micromasters from Little Iacon, in an attempt to ferret out the Hot Rod Patrol and gain some new recruits in the process. Recipe For Hate Returning to Decepticon HQ with their Micromaster prisoners, Ransack caught a group of the tiny Transformers trying to free their cohorts. After sounding the alarm, Ransack had a big, possibly lethal hole blown in him by Groundshaker. Victims of the Revolution

3H Universe comics

Some incarnation of Ransack was held captive in Unicron and forced to fight in the Cauldron. He was freed in a mass escape orchestrated by Optimus Primal.


Generation 1

  • Ransack (Deluxe Insecticon, 1985)

(Ransack, like all the Deluxe Insecticons, was lisenced by Hasbro from Bandai for US release, and thus was not available from Takara in Japan. This is also likely the reason they were not included in the Cartoon or US Marvel Comic.)

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