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* '''Starscream''' (2006)
* '''Starscream''' (2006)
: ''Japanese ID number:'' '''MP-03'''
: ''Japanese ID number:'' '''MP-03'''
[[Image:MasterpieceStarscream_toy.jpg|left|thumb|200px|And the fans complained (and rejoiced)]]
[[Image:MasterpieceStarscream_toy.jpg|left|thumb|200px|And the fandom complained (and rejoiced)]]
: ''Masterpiece'' Starscream is a high-quality, superbly detailed collectable Transformer toy. He transforms into a mostly accurate F-15D Eagle, with weapons options ranging from a rack of Sidewinder missiles to his trademark null ray cannons. In robot mode he is a highly detailed, well-articulated, yet stylised version of his original robot mode. His chest turbines flip up to reveal a bank of missiles each, and his face can be rotated so as to display either a stern or a smirking face.
: ''Masterpiece'' Starscream is a high-quality, superbly detailed collectable Transformer toy. He transforms into a mostly accurate F-15D Eagle, with weapons options ranging from a rack of Sidewinder missiles to his trademark null ray cannons. In robot mode he is a highly detailed, well-articulated, yet stylised version of his original robot mode. His chest turbines flip up to reveal a bank of missiles each, and his face can be rotated so as to display either a stern or a smirking face.

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The name or term Starscream refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Starscream (disambiguation).

Starscream is a Decepticon in the Generation 1 continuity family.

Let me guess. You're gonna attempt to overthrow Megatron, fail, cry, then repeat the cycle.

Starscream is the treacherous Decepticon Air Commander. He's famous not only for his incredible skill, but also for his limitless (and troublesome) ambition. Starscream believes that he is more suited for command than Decepticon Leader Megatron. Thankfully for Megatron, Starscream's mutinous, powergrabbing plots are almost always transparent, and he can never muster up enough patience to complete a grandoise powerplay. Despite his constant failures, Starscream believes it is only a matter of time before he prevails -- his destiny is inevitable.

Unlike most Transformers, he has a mutant, indestructable Spark. His lifeforce cannot be destroyed and can persist even without a body to contain it.

Italian name: Astrum


Marvel Comics continuity

Starscream uscomics2

With Megatron's guidance, Starscream may one day become a valuable team member.

Starscream helped invade the Ark, got deactivated. Woke up, questioned Megatron, got deactivated. Fought Omega Supreme, got deactivated. Was mysteriously active when meeting Cobra. Rescued by Ratbat's forces on the Moon, Starscream set about a chain of systematic betrayals that temporarily gained him almost limitless power thanks to the Underbase, but ultimately resulted in both Ratbat's death and his own (not to mention about 75% of the entire G1 cast up to that point).



Dreadwind and Darkwing were sent by Megatron to reclaim Starscream's charred corpse on planet Earth. Starscream's remains were possessed by the essence of the Underbase and went on a psychotic rampage, nearly killing Dr. Susan Hoffman and her Assistants. The Underbase eventually realised it was acting insane and regained control, but as soon as it did, Dreadwing and Darkwind siphoned all the power out of it and Starscream's corpse returned to being an inanimate pile of scrap which the pair quickly collected.

Starscream's remains were delivered to Megatron, who kidnapped Ratchet to rebuild Starscream with a powerful Pretender shell. Megatron ordered Ratchet to wipe Starscream's mind, so Starscream would wreak havoc on Earth among the Decepticons (led by Scorponok (G1)) and Optimus Prime. Ratchet, however, let his true mind to be only supressed. One good blast caused enough pain to revive the real Starscream. Completely outmatched, he surrendered and begged Scorponok for forgiveness.

Briefly after becoming a Pretender, Starscream began to wallow in self-pity, believing that all the other Decepticons considered him a joke for his many failed take-over attempts and defeats. His self-esteem crumbled every time the other Decepticons refused to speak to him or spoke about him behind his back. In reality, the other Decepticons were terribly frightened of Starscream (thanks to that whole Underbase thing) and were avoiding him so they wouldn't be killed. Starscream sulked about it for a while until he defeated and captured a few Autobots and his confidence began to return.

Starscream fled Cybertron with Shockwave in the Ark after Unicron's assault. Shockwave and Starscream found Megatron and Ratchet awakening from the Nucleon, both very confused and addled due to their mind-link. Ratchet collected enough sanity to direct one of Starscream's null-rays into the Nucleon, causing enough of a chain reaction to send the Ark into a crash-landing on Earth. Apparently, Starscream and co survived.

Later, Starscream discovered firsthand the dangers of stealing the Matrix. While he held it, the Matrix rewrote his programming to better suit its own tastes. As a result, Starscream emerged a snow-white boy scout with no mounted weapons that would never hurt a fly and went out of his way to help old ladies across the street. (More or less.)

Starscream uscomics

"I am only saving you so that I may punish you later."

He fervently hopes the effect is only temporary.

Animated continuity

Voice Actor: Chris Latta (US), Hirotaka Suzuoki (Japan)

Starscream was the Decepticons' second-in-command. He was rash, boastful, cowardly, and even whiney. His rash and spiteful actions led to the resurrection of the Autobots on Earth, when a blast intended to trap the Autobots there forever caused Optimus Prime to fall into the life giving rays of Teletraan-I, who soon had all his fellow autobots ready for action again. Starscream would always demand action rather than waste time with planning, often calling Megatron a coward or taking action himself without waiting for the order. Needless to say, this got him nearly killed by Megatron on more than one occasion.

Starscream's status probably came from the fact he had command over the other Jet Fighter Decepticons, which formed pretty much 50% of the entire Decepticon force at the time of the first and second seasons. Megatron, very desperate for troops (Especially ones who were so predictible), kept Starscream around.

Starscream's ambition was also great, and often sought to take command away from Megatron. One such attempt was to challenge him to a duel, and shoot him in the back when he turned away laughing. His "Victory" here was short lived, as Megatron was just stunned, shot Starscream, and banished him from his forces. This led Starscream to "create" the Combaticons, from a bunch of wrecked army vehicles he found on the island he was deserted on, and some Decepticon "Brains" he stole from the Decepticon Prison. Megatron let him, and his newly formed army, back into the Decepticons soon afterwards, despite the fact they were all Decepticon outcasts and criminals.

Starscream's thirst for leadership led to his death in The Transformers: The Movie, when, during the Decepticon's dramatic seige on Autobot City, Megatron would fight his final battle with Optimus Prime. By the end of it, the Decepticon leader was battered beyond repair, left on the verge of stasis lock. Starscream, who if nothing else can see an opportunity in every situation, took advantage of this moment of weakness to rally the healthy Decepticons that remained after the battle, ejecting the "dead weight" of his wounded former comrades into space. Starscream, with transparent satisfaction, threw Megatron out personally, before closing the door on that part of Transformers history and beginning an inter-Decepticon brawl that would eventually place him at the head of the ranks.

Starscream couldn't have known, of course, that Megatron would be found and reshaped by the godlike Unicron before his Spark faded completely. Reborn as Galvatron, he made it his first order of business to take back what Starscream had taken, interrupting the pompous and overblown coronation Starscream had set up for himself and killing him with a single, terrible blast, likely setting a record for the shortest reign in Decepticon history.

Starscream had little accident a the Decepticon BBQ

This was not the end, however, as his ghost came back, with "cunning" schemes. First he possessed Cyclonus, and handed Galvatron over to Rodimus Prime. Rodmius didn't kill or even imprison Galvatron however, and he came back angered, and shot his second in command, not realising he had not been himself. Starscream had already found a new host in Scourge by this time, whom he used in his next "master plan". This one involved making deals with Unicron, who requested Starscream help him find new body parts, in return for a new body for himself. Starscream followed his orders exactly, until his host ran off before his could connect Unicron's head to Cybertron as a new body. This is where Starscream showed his "true cunning", stating that if Unicron wanted him to connect him to his new Planet, he would have to give him his new body first. Unicron did so, repeating his request to finish connecting his head to his new body, however Starscream turned on him immediately, telling him mockingly to do it himself. At this point, the Autobots set off a load of explosives, unaware of these turn of events, that sent Starscream, in his new body, spinning out of control through space, past Galvatron and his crew (Galvatron took this chance to fire at what he thought was a ghost), and never to be seen again.

One last thing to note is Cyclonus's line after the last glimpse of Starscream: "Hey, since when have ghosts spun out of control through space?"

Japanese manga


Starscream's Ghost being evicted by his landlord.

Between the events of "Starscream's Ghost" and "Ghost in the Machine" the 5th issue of the Transformers 2010 manga (simply called "The Transformer") takes place. In this story, Starscream's ghost teams up with the Quintessons who build him a powerful new body. The new body, equipped with attacks such as "Right Arm Destron Gun" and the "Revolver Laser", was created using a combination of Optimus Prime's and Megatron's designs. The result is Guiltar.


Guiltor, preparing to complete the preparation for completion.

Guiltar joins the Decepticons and quickly becomes Galvatron's right-hand man (literally, in like, 5 seconds). Galvatron tricks Rodimus Prime into engaging him in a one-on-one battle and fake's defeat. When Rodimus least suspects it, Guiltar attacks and wrecks his shit. Galvatron compliments Guiltar on his power and loyalty, and instinctively, Guiltar beats the crap out of Galvatron and declares his ambition to take-over the Decepticons. Rodimus Prime and Galvatron call a truce and join forces to defeat Guiltar. They wreck him something fierce, destorying his body and forcing Starscream's ghost out. They then end the truce and go about their business.

Beast Wars

Voice Actor: Doug Parker (US), Kazuki Yao (Japan)


Starscream's ghost travelled through time and space to the prehistoric earth of the Beast Wars, where he possessed Waspinator's body during an electrical storm. He ingratiated himself with Megatron, claiming that he had been destroyed by Unicron while protecting Galvatron. After leading a successful raid on the Axalon, he was left in command of the captured Maximal ship, along with Blackarachnia and Scorponok, the former of whom he took as his 'protege'. When the defeated Maximals surrendered to him, he took Dinobot and Optimus Primal hostage and ordered the remaining Maximals to attack the Darkside - Scorponok objected, but he was very forcefully overruled. Shortly after the attack began, the two captive Maximals broke out and drove the Predacons out of the Axalon. Starscream fled, pursued by Primal, and abandoned Blackarachnia to her fate. After a spirited chase, Primal cornered Starscream at an energon deposit, paralysing him. As he tried to bargain his way out of his predicament, his vengeful ex-partner Blackarachnia detonated the energon, blowing Waspinator to scrap and forcing Starscream's spark out of his body.

Adrift in space once more, Starscream's ghost screamed vengeance into the void...

Dreamwave comics continuity

Robot Masters

Voice actors: Kunihiro Kawamoto (Japan)

When Beast Megatron travelled back in time to modern day Earth in search of solitarium, he immediately recruited Starscream to his cause. Starscream went head to head with another time-displaced transformer, Star Saber only to find himself defeated once Optimus Prime arrived as back-up. Beast Megatron, arriving on Smokesniper, saved Starscream from a crashing into the ground but quickly chucked him aside after lamenting over the Decepticon's worthlessless.

Later, Beast Megatron discovered a large deposit of solitarium beneath New York City and ordered the Decepticons to tear the city apart. Starscream, Smokesniper, Gigant Bomb and Wingstun did just that, blowing up buildings and razing a good portion of the Big Apple. Starscream was then shot out of the sky by another time-displaced Autobot, Reverse Convoy. Reverse Convoy quickly gained the trust of the other Autobots after being seen blasting Starscream. 10 seconds later, Reverse Convoy reveals himself as the original Megatron, now going by the name Rebirth Megatron. Makes sense.

IDW comics continuity

Starscream is the leader of a Decepticon insurgent cell that has operated covertly on Earth for at least four years, working to destabilise Earth's governing organisations and create global anarchy. However, since the discovery of the mysterious, Energon-like substance, Ore-13, Starscream has stepped outside standard procedure, establishing a second command bunker in Oregon above a richer seam of the ore than the one in Nebraska and ordering Blitzwing and Skywarp to cover his tracks. Starscream intended to use Ore-13 to challenge Megatron for leadership of the Decepticons, but when the moment of truth finally arrived, the energy source proved insufficient to destroy the Decepticon leader, and Megatron blasted Starscream with his fusion cannon at point blank range, virtually obliterating him. It is unclear whether or not Starscream will recover, as Megatron told the other Decepticons, "See to the remains. If he lives, then I'll decide what to do with him."

Kiss Players continuity

Radio drama

One night, the disembodied spirit of a Transformer possessed the body of the E.D.C. Kiss Player Atari Hitotonari. Discovering that it could not transfer itself to the bodies of other Transformers with souls, it forced Atari to seek out the twisted Doctor Arkeville, who built it a new body converted from a stolen fighter jet. Kissing it, Atari transferred the spirit into its new form. Starscream was reborn!

A couple of minutes later, Starscream's new body got blown up by Autroopers and his ghost flew back into space again.

Note: This is so far the only fiction-based appearance of the Masterpiece Starscream toy.


Generation 1

  • Starscream (Decepticon Jet, 1984/1985/1986, 1991, 2001, 2003, 2004)
Japanese ID number: D-22, TFC-09
G1Starscream toy

The beginning of a long line of redecoes.

Starscream's first toy was taken from the Diaclone line, transforming into an F-15 Eagle fighter jet. In this mode he is armed with two cluster bombs, essentially shortened projects made to resemble (somewhat) the drop tanks that a real F-15 might carry. There are numerous minor construction variations on this mold, common for most of the Diaclone-based Transformers.
To transform Starscream, one must essentially take most of his plane parts off and transform his body, then reattach his plane parts on again. In robot mode, the cluster bomb projectiles are replaced with long 'null rays.
For some reason, the stats on Starscream and Skywarp's tech specs were switched, which explains Starscream's low rank.
The first reissiue of Starscream was practically identical to the original toy, and was released by Takara in Japan in 2001. An all-clear lucky draw was made for a contest with Transformers: Generations, although due to the demise of the publisher, it's never been confirmed if this came out.
Starscream was reissued in normal colors for Hasbro's Commemorative Reissue line in 2003. The release had remolded elongated missiles and launchers as to comply with current US toy safety laws.
Starscream's Transformer Collection reissue from 2003 was redecoed into show-accurate colors, and came with retooled fists to hold a new miniature Megatron gun mode accessory. An Optimus Prime fist that could hold the gun was also included, as was a DVD.
This mold is redecoed and retooled into Dirge, Ramjet, Skywarp, Sunstorm, Thrust and Thundercracker.
  • Starscream (Classic Pretender, 1989)
PretenderStarscream toy

You can tell he's evil because he's spikey.

Starscream was released as a Classic Pretender with a human shell. The inner robot was a simplified version of the original toy. The K-Mart exclusive "Legends" release had only the inner robot. The Legends figure was released with the other three Legends in a Japanese giftset the same year.
  • Starscream (Action Master, 1990)
ActionmasterStarscream toy

He loved the gray helmet so much, he used it again.

Action Master Starscream is a non-transforming action figure based loosely on his cartoon appearance but using a color scheme derived from the Pretender toy. His main accessory is the Attack Jet, a small personal attack craft that Starscream can set astride like a motorcycle. The Attack Jet rolls on three small wheels, and can transform into a gun emplacement.
  • Ghost Starscream (2001)
Japanese ID number: D-22
GhostStarscream toy

Wait a minute. Since when do ghosts have painted metal chests?

Ghost Starscream was an e-Hobby exclusive release of the 2001 Starscream reissue, cast almost entirely in transluscent plastics, except for those parts made of die-cast metal.
  • Black Starscream (2001)
Japanese ID number: D-22
G1BlackStarscream toy
Black Starscream was also an e-Hobby exclusive release, with his colours based upon Machine Wars Starscream, though his colours have much darker shades of grey, lacks clear blue plastic and has gold as one of his primary colours.

Generation 2

  • Starscream (Decepticon Jet, 1993)
G2Starscream toy

With my camoflauged wings, I'll appear to be a fuselage flying through the sky!

Starscream's Generation 2 release was a retool of his original toy with new missiles, launchers, and a sound box. His colours are essentially a combination of G1 Ramjet, his own original colours, and a replacement of his dark blue plastic with light grey.
The new accessories were also used, in different colors, for Generation 2 Ramjet.
(A recolor of Smokescreen was planned for 1995, but was never released. The deco was used for the Beast Wars II Starscream and BB, with only the stickers being changed.)

Machine Wars

  • Starscream (Ultra, 1997)
MWStarscream Toy
Starscream's Machine Wars release was a recolor of the Predator Skyquake with fewer missiles, no hand-held projectile launcher, and most of the gimmicks removed. He transforms into a large bomber based vaguely upon an SR-71 Blackbird. He still retains his "carpet bombing" gimmick, a rolling drum that drops the his missiles from each wing.

Smallest Transformers

  • Starscream (2003)
Japanese ID number: GTF-03
STFStarscream toy
This version of Starscream was a very small-scale simplication of the original Starscream toy, retaining most of its functionality and accessories, except for his long null-rays.
This mold was redecoed and retooled into Thundercracker, Skywarp and Thust.

Robot Masters

  • Starscream (Deluxe, 2004)
Japanese ID number: RM-12
RobotMastersStarscream toy
Starscream's Robot Masters toy is a reimagining of the original toy, designed to be closer to the animation model, with greater poseability and integrated parts that did not require detachment during transformation (with the exception of his null-ray blasters). After re-engineering the design to stay roughly in one piece during transformation, Takara then gave him chromed missile pods that attach to his chestplate. Although not his usual choice of weapon, these are show-accurate: Starscream used them once in the episode "Fire On The Mountain" to attack Trailbreaker and Brawn.
  • Starscream Limited Black Version (Deluxe, 2004)
Available only via mail-order from Figure King Magazine, Black Starscream is a repaint of Robot Masters Starscream, swapping out his reds and blues for black, and some of his grey for black.


  • Starscream (2006)
Japanese ID number: MP-03
MasterpieceStarscream toy

And the fandom complained (and rejoiced)

Masterpiece Starscream is a high-quality, superbly detailed collectable Transformer toy. He transforms into a mostly accurate F-15D Eagle, with weapons options ranging from a rack of Sidewinder missiles to his trademark null ray cannons. In robot mode he is a highly detailed, well-articulated, yet stylised version of his original robot mode. His chest turbines flip up to reveal a bank of missiles each, and his face can be rotated so as to display either a stern or a smirking face.
He comes with a small figurine of Doctor Arkeville, his partner-in-crime for several early episodes of Generation 1; a display stand that can be used in both fighter and jet modes; and an extensive sheet of sticker decals, including variously sized Decepticon symbols, squadron numbers and squadron markings, including one of Waspinator!
Masterpiece Starscream was the second all-new sculpt in the Masterpiece series of toys, and was envisioned as the finest toy representation of the original Starscream ever created. To this end, famed japanese mecha designer (and former Diaclone toy designer) Shoji Kawamori was recruited to oversee the design and engineering of this toy. The first prototype design was essentially a much more complex version of the original toy, based upon his cartoon and recent comic appearances, with a much more accurate F-15 Eagle fighter mode. However, Kawamori felt the design could be improved, particularly the details and underside of the fighter mode, as he did not want what would have basically been a new version of the old toy.
Based on Kawamori's suggestions, a new prototype design was made, with major structures located in his legs now moved up to his hips, with his transformation and design streamlined to create an even more realistic F-15 design. Even so, Kawamori was still unhappy with the amount of robotic parts visible underneath the plane, but conceded that too many changes would essentially not make the toy look like Starscream in robot mode.
On his control art, there are pictures of Starscream that have him wearing his Decepticon Crown of Leadership, as seen in the coronation scene of the original animated movie. On the toy itself, his head and shoulders have notches for parts to attach to, suggesting that Takara have reserved Starscream's coronation parts for a later release of this toy.


  • Starscream (Deluxe, 2006)
ClassicsStarscream toy
Classics Starscream is a faithful reproduction of his original toy, but with modern standards of toy engineering, transformation, sculpting detail and articulation. He still transforms into an F-15 Eagle, but has the nose of an F-14 Tomcat fighter jet. Dissapointingly, his fighter mode has poor leading gear, consisting of bumbs on his feet and his chest turbine fans.
In robot mode, Starscream is essentially a very detailed version of his cartoon robot mode, with many design elements that will later find its way into Masterpiece Starscream. He is armed with two (overly large) null-ray missile launchers, which are so large that they restrict his arm movement due to them bumping into his wings.

Titanium Series

  • Starscream (Robot Masters, 2006)
TitaniumRM Starscream
Released in wave 2, the first Titanium Starscream is a small, non-transforming die-cast metal figurine, based upon his Generation 1 cartoon appearances. He is sculpted holding Megatron in gun mode in his left hand, and holding up is palm outward with his right, while using his jets to fly up. EXCITEMENT.
  • War Within Starscream (Cybertron Heroes, 2007)
TitaniumHeroesWWStarscream toy
War Within Starscream is a redeco of War Within Thundercracker. He transforms into a cybertronic 'tetrajet', as reimagined by Don Figueroa. As with all 6-inch Titanium Cybetron Heroes, he is constructed mostly of fully painted die-cast metal.


Heroes of Cybertron

A series of non-transforming PVC figures released to Market 6 stores in the early 2000s. Largely based on Japan's SCF line.
  • Starscream (Regular)
Repaint of the Japanese SCF Starscream figure. Non-transforming, true to the animation model. Distinctive from the Japanese release with its glossy paint and "light-up" eyes.
  • Starscream (from the Convention Set)
Above, but part of a six-pack of figures which also included Thundercracker, Skywarp, and three Clones.
  • Starscream (with crown)
Originally a chase figure in Japan, this remold of the regular figure includes a cape, newly molded limbs, and a head with the crown as seen in the movie.

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