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The name or term Scourge refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Scourge (disambiguation).

" I enjoy that look of confusion, when an inferior being meets a higher power."
―Scourge [src]

Scourge was the ruthless and chaos-seeking leader of the Terrorcons.


  • Voice actor: Peter Dinklage (English), Jan Aleksandrowicz Kraska(Polish)


Scourge is a fearsome and ruthless Terrorcon that enjoys taking the lives of any that stand in his or his master's way. He is very patient and slow to emotional outbursts, even in battle, and rather heavily enjoys the sport of combat and reducing his opponents to bits. But when he wants something, he is more than willing to destroy anyone or anything in his way to take it, no matter the blood or energon spilled in the process.

As a powerful Cybertronian gifted with dark powers by his master, Scourge sees himself as a higher being and above all other lifeforms, whether they are his own kind or not. He especially views humans as weak and disgusting beings, while regarding those like Optimus Prime as a pitiful but somewhat worthy opponent, if only because he enjoys Prime's desire to constantly stand against him, giving him the excuse to take all the time needed to tear him apart.

He is also quite loyal to Unicron and cares not at all what happens to any planet or lifeform that the god devours in his conquest. It is unknown exactly his feelings toward Cybertron, but it can be assumed that he would heavily enjoy watching his master reduce his home world to mere nothingness. He enjoys leaving chaos and destruction in his wake, and thrives in the idea of Unicron ruling over and devouring everything in sight. But as much as he is loyal and fearsome, he fears Unicron and makes it his mission to never fail, as he is afraid of paying the price for failing his master.

Scourge also enjoys collecting trophies from those he slays, specifically: the insignia they bore, whether they be Autobot, Maximal, Decepticon, or other (He has obtained at least five different faction insignias, not including his own). He wears his trophies on his body, usually the armor of his shoulders (and on the grill of his vehicle mode), to let all who see them know that Scourge is one that should be taken quite seriously, for your battle with him could very well be your last.

Rise of the Beasts[]




  • Sword
    • Scourge has a sword that folds under his right arm. He uses it to stab Bumblebee.
  • Large Arm-blade
    • Scourge has a large blade in his arm that he uses to stab or slice opponents. He uses it to stab Apelinq before finishing him.
  • Energy Blaster
    • Scourge has an energy bolt blaster that he can used to fire energy bolts or charge up for a devastating attack. He uses it to kill Bumblebee and against Noah.
  • Destructor Cannon
    • Scourge has an extremely powerful cannon in his arm that can completely obliterate his opponent (or a large section of them), leaving nothing it touches behind. He uses it on Apelinq to kill him.
  • Sweeps
    • Scourge commands a series of insectoid-like Terrorcons called Freezer and Novakane. They are small, but fast and terrifying creatures. In large swarms, they can be overwhelming for even Optimus Prime. Scourge houses Freezer and Novakane on his being to call at anytime to do his bidding.
  • Dark Powers
    • Unicron's gift of Dark Powers makes Scourge near-invincible and much stronger and skillful than any other Transformer. It enhances his physical strength as well as his weaponry, and also allows him to control other beings to do his bidding if he has the luck of giving them his mark.