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Scourge is a Decepticon from the Jungle Planet in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Why do my shoulders hurt people?

Scourge believes in survival of the fittest and the rule of the mightiest. Not coincidentally, he sees himself as the top of both these categories. A former student of the now-peaceful Backstop, he is savage and brutal, and now holds the Jungle Planet firmly in his steel jaws. Still, his sense of honor shows that somewhere beneath the exterior of the tyrant, some decency beats in his spark, it just needs to find a way out.

He also apparently looks up (rather down) to one of the humans, Lori; because even though she is small, she is brave enough to stand up to big old Scourge. And let's face it, she must have pretty big cojones to do that. Scourge refers to her as 'little sister'.

Japanese name: Flame Convoy
Hungarian name: Ostor
Russian name: Knut (Кнут, "Whip")



Cartoon continuity

Voice Actor(s): Trevor Devall, Colin Murdoch (Revelations) (US) Norio Wakamoto (Japan)

Scourge never stops bragging

Long ago, Scourge was a student training under the tutelage of the wise Backstop. Frustrated by the lawlessness of his homeworld, as well as the weak rulers' lack of backbone in dealing with the many criminal elements that preyed upon the people of the land, Scourge turned his back on his master's teachings and waged a revolutionary war against the rulers of the land, with one message: bend to his will or be destroyed. Scourge's immense strength and force of arms saw him seize power over the Jungle Planet, but over time, his lofty ideal of bringing peace and safety to a chaotic land gave way to merely maintaining order under his iron fist. Honor

Years later, two strange beings dared enter the grounds of his temple. The leader, calling himself Megatron, claimed that he was in search of the Cyber Planet Keys, which could save the universe from a Black hole left in the wake of some mythical god's destruction. Search Soon afterwards, another (smaller) outlander arrived, telling much the same story as the Decepticons did, except claiming that Megatron had no intention of saving the universe. He joined the Decepticons but Bud, Lori and Coby turned him to the side of good so he could represent the Jungle planet during his fight against Galvatron along with Metroplex, Evac, Override, Wing Saber, and Optimus Prime.

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  • Scourge (Ultra, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GD-07
    • Accessories: Tail-axe, gold Jungle Planet Cyber Planet Key
Cybertron Scourge transforms into a robotic dragon, coloured mostly dark brown and orange with red and purple highlights. He has head, neck, tail and leg articulation in this beast mode, with a moving jaw. Pressing the yellow button on his neck activates a electronic roaring sound and red LED in his head. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into the slot on his back activates a Generation One transformation sound effect and flips out two smaller dragon heads along hide his neck. Pressing the yellow button on his neck now activates a laser blast sound (along with the LED lights).
In robot mode, Scourge is imposingly large, though unfortunately has somewhat limited articulation compared to other figures in the Cybertron toyline. He is armed with a massive axe formed from his tail which can be held in either fist. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key in robot mode is the same as in beast mode.
Scourge comes with a gold-bordered Jungle Planet Cyber Key, with the Cyber Key code u2m8 tampographed on the back.
  • Flame Convoy - Sky Lynx Edition (Ultra, 2005)
    • Accessories: Tail-axe, gold Jungle Planet Cyber Planet Key
A Japanese Lucky Draw exclusive item, this extremely rare version of Flame Convoy had a colour scheme based (conceptually) on Generation One Sky Lynx, and shipped in a plain white version of his retail box.
  • Scourge (Legends of Cybertron, 2005)
An extremely simplified version of Scourge, Legends-class Scourge has limited articulation and his tail cannot detach to form his trademark axe.
This mold was also used to make Classics Trypticon and Universe Hun-Grr.
  • Cryo Scourge (Ultra, 2006)
    • Accessories: Tail-axe, silver Jungle Planet Cyber Planet Key
Cryo Scourge is a predominantly blue redeco based upon Robots in Disguise Cryotek.
Cryo Scourge's packaging marks him as a Triple Changer for his ability to pop up the two extra heads. ... Yeah, we don't buy it either.


  • Scourge (Booster, 2006)
    • Attacktix ID number: TF07
    • Faction: Decepticon
    • Class: Specialist
    • Special: Recruit - 12/26 (46%) success ratio
    • Point Cost: 20
    • Base Speed: 8
    • Attack Type: Striker (Axe)
Scourge is a surprisingly small Attacktix figure considering the massive and powerful character he's based on. His small axe, small base and low speed make him relatively ineffective against more powerful Star Wars and Marvel strikers.
Scourge's "Recruit" power allows you to summon a trooper into play from your backups.


  • The toy's instructions and the show's CGI model depict the yellow spike on Scourge's axe as sticking straight up, parallel to the handle, but the molded detail on the toy indicates that it's supposed to be positioned at a right angle to the handle — it's the opposite, narrow end of the axe blade, y'see.
  • In dragon mode, Scourge's voice deepens.

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