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Scourge is psychotic. Scourge specializes in bio-warfare. Scourge is butt-ugly. 'Nuff said.


Intimidation Game

Voice actor: Brian Orms (English)

Scourge, disguised as the Autobot Ricochet, interrogated the captured Tripredacus agent Flamewar. Upon determining that Flamewar could be trusted not to betray her employers, he invited her into the organization of the Predacon insurrectionist Megatron. She accepted.

IDW Beast Wars comics

Scourge was among the Predacons recruited by Magmatron following his arrival on ancient Earth, from one of the many protoforms scattered across the planet.

Sent to find Maximals out southwest, Scourge ventured into a swamp along with Transquito, Insecticon, Retrax and Powerpinch. He was very happy to be able to fire onto unsuspecting prey. Unfortunately, they encountered the territorial Mutants, who proceeded to beat the slag out of them. Being the only two Predacons standing after witnessing Powerpinch being dismembered, Scourge and Insecticon quickly turned abdomens, noting the area as "clear with nothing to report."

He later accompanied Ravage and many other Predacons in seeking out Razorbeast and his forces at the Maximal lair. They managed to surround the Maximals, and he prepared for the final blow...

...only to have his right wing torn off by Bantor (and left behind when he ran off) during a large battle between the Predacon and Maximal forces when Torca burst onto the scene with reinforcements. The Gathering


Beast Wars

  • Scourge (Deluxe Transmetal 2, 1999)
Scourge transforms into a Transmetal 2 bio-mechanical monstrous locust. His Spark Crystal is in his left alt mode eye. His wings swing forward by pulling a plunger-mechanism in his beast-mode abdomen; the left wing conceals a spring-loaded missile launcher. The other wing also holds a launchable missile, but the wing proper is only for storage.

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