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Scorpulator is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

Scorpulator matches his partner Devastator perfectly. Both are near-mindless engines of destruction who wade into the thick of battle, attacking without reason or any strategy more complicated than "destroy everything". Be it with claws, lasers or acid, Scorpulator lives to fight.

Note: The Action Master partner robots were given the "Targetmaster" classification retroactively by Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye profile series.


Generation One

  • Devastator with Scorpulator (Action Master, 1990)
Scorpulator is a robotic scorpion. Pushing a trigger on his body flips his head and a chunk of his inner body around via a spring-loaded mechanism, revealing a (non-firing) blaster. Folding his claws up forms his "acid spray gun" mode, which can be used by any regular Action Master figure. His gun barrel can be extended by attaching the handgun from any carded Action Master.
Scorpulator's legs are a completely separate "block" piece held onto his main body only by plastic peg. This peg is about the same size as the standard Action Master "backpack" peg, letting his legs act in that capacity while he's in cannon mode.

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