"If there's two things I hate! It's whiners! And cowards!"
― Scorponok in Misdirection

Scorponok works with Glowstrike and the other Decepticon crew members in their base, which was a large part of the Alchemor's section where it served as an island.

He is the leader of the Decepticon fugitives and resembles a scorpion like Decepticon who transform into a large scorpion.


Robots in Disguise

Season 2

Back on Cybertron, Scorponok used his intimidating stance to prey upon outline communities that were devoid of any law enforcement, often tearing them down for enjoyment.

Scorponok and Glowstrike meet Steeljaw

Scorponok was a prisoner on board the prisoner ship Alchemor. When it crashed on Earth, Scorponok and many other Decepticon fugitives escaped. He met and teamed up with Glowstrike. They both established a group of Decepticons in the crashed and broken back end of the Alchemor in a swamp. They send members of their group, like Kickback, out to scavenge materials needed to get them off the planet, as it was revealed in Metal Meltdown. The pair were unimpressed with Saberhorn's antics and Kickback's bag of junk that he collected for them. Then a sudden appearance by Steeljaw (who had followed Kickback to the base) introduced himself to them.

In Misdirection, Steeljaw had promised Scorponok a group of "elite warriors". Scorponok arrived with his two Mini-Cons Bludgeon and Clout at the designated meeting place in a drive in theater where Steeljaw had arranged to meet along with Crazybolt and Slicedice. Scorponok was getting tired of waiting for Steeljaw and was about to fight Crazybolt since Crazybolt wanted to leave, only for both of them to be attacked by Bumblebee and Grimlock. Grimlock and Scorponok fought each other as Grimlock used some of the mics at the drive in to throw at Scorponok. Although Scorponok seemed helpless, he deflected the mics back at Grimlock and hits the Dinobot with a pole, which left Grimlock weakened. Scorponok used Grimlock as hostage if Bumblebee did not surrender, which the Autobot had to. Scorponok was taken in by Bumblebee's trick in his sleight of hand, which he showed both Scorponok, Crazybolt, and Slicedice. Much to Scorponok's disbelief in magic being present on Earth, he was shocked to see the rock that Bumblebee used was gone. Bumblebee revealed the rock was in his mouth then proceeded to fight the Decepticons with Grimlock. Together, the Decepticons were taken out, captured, and sealed in stasis pods.

Personality and Traits

Scorponok is aggressive towards several Decepticons like Kickback and Crazybolt due to their different forms

If there's one thing I hate more than whiners and cowards... It's not being in the middle.

of irritation that they give Scorponok. He seems a rather impatient Decepticon as it was revealed when Crazybolt's antics made him feel that way. When Bumblebee stated there was "magic" on Earth, Scorponok was in doubt but was soon stun by Bee's sleight of hand to make a rock disappear. This would show that he is lured very easily even when Steeljaw set him up in a fight against the Autobots instead of being shown "elite warriors" that Steeljaw had promised to Scorponok.

Powers and Abilities

Scorponok is a dangerous Decepticon as he is equipped with his built in tail combined with a stinger which could paralyze his victims. He can stand toe-to-toe with other Autobots as he is shown to be strong enough to fight and take out Grimlock out with a metal pole. Whenever he's not in a mood, other Decepticons would not dare make him angrier, such as the case of Crazybolt.


Season 2


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