This article is about the Kre-O dinobot. For the Movie dinobot, see Scorn (Movie)
Scorn is a Dinobot from the brick-built world of Kreo
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The centerpiece of the "Scorn Street Chase" set, Kre-O Scorn is a buildable dino-beast. (No, he has no alternate robot build.) His head has a small magnet in the roof of his mouth that allows him to "bite" and carry ferrous metal items, like the crest of the new Vehicon helmets, or the 2x2 circular plate that makes up the Vehicons' backpacks. He has movable (non-firing) cannons on each hip, plus he has exposed studs on his back to allow a Kreon to ride him. He features no Spinosaurus sails.
Unfortunately, Scorn has some construction issues. His tail is extremely lightweight, providing virtually no counterbalance to his front half if you want to have him in a pose that doesn't basically have him standing vertical. His knees are simple clip-and-bar affairs that do not have enough "grip" to hold onto any real weight. When built as shown in the instructions, the jointing is awkward and leaves him with few non-tail-dragging poses. However, building his legs as shown in the promotional photography, omitting the 1x2 plates with the small slope, gives him knees that bend backwards and do a much better job of supporting his weight when standing in a natural horizontal-body pose.
The set also comes with Kreons of Crosshairs and two Vehicons, plus a simple banner with "Hong Kong" in Chinese (and technically Japanese too).
  • Scorn (Custom Kreon, 2014)

Part of the 3rd wave of the Custom Kreon Age of Extinction Collection, this Custom Kreon Scorn is based on his Age of Extinction counterpart. Like his wave mates, he saw limited release in Hasbro Asia.


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