Scorch is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.
Scorch cardart

The dreaded Rear Guardbot.

Scorch is the Turbomasters' rear guard. He's a loyal and self-sacrificing sort; brave to the point of recklessness, but tough enough to take the resulting knocks. Proud of his position in the Autobot ranks, and loves working as part of a team.


Toy catalogue comic

G1 Turbomasters Predators comic

Scorch defended the Autobot Turbomaster base when it was attacked by the Predators.

Dreamwave comics continuity

After the conquest of Cybertron by Megatron and the Aerospace Extermination Squadron, Scorch and the rest of the Turbomasters evaded capture and participated in the Autobot underground resistance. Perceptor assigned the Turbomasters to monitor the Think Tank, a project designed to locate the missing Optimus Prime. When Perceptor left them alone, however, the Turbomasters partook in a game of tear'n'chase. Flash evaded his pursuing team-mates, but accidentally drove into the Think Tank, sending him somewhere very far from home... The Age of Wrath issue 3

(Note: Due to Dreamwave's plunge into bankruptcy, this story was never finished.)


Generation One

  • Scorch (Small Turbomaster, 1992)
    • Accessories: Engine/missile launcher, 3 missiles
Scorch transforms into a yellow Cybertronian pickup truck with a large jet engine mounted on the back. As with the other other carded Turbomasters, this engine becomes a powerful spring-loaded missile launcher, capable of firing one of three included small yellow missiles quite far.
This figure was also released in Japan as the character Fire Road.

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