If you're out of ammo and pinned by heavy enemy fire deep in the bowels of a slag swamp, Scoop is the robot you want on your side. He's possibly the best field infantry robot there is. A gung-ho fighter who uses cool-headed logic and battle-hardened tactics, he can outwit the enemy at every turn. Relentless in his resolve, he's always willing to help others out, no matter how dangerous the situation.

Scoop's greatest asset, his dedication, is also his greatest weakness. Since he pushes so hard and for so long, he's prone to overheating, especially if pushing his shovel past its limit.

His Targetmaster partners are Holepunch and Tracer.


Marvel Comics continuity

(Note: Events in italics occurred only in the Marvel UK books.)

Scoop was a member of the Autobot Resistance Movement on Cybertron, working for Emirate Xaaron. Along with several others, including the Rescue Patrol and the Classic Pretenders, he helped stage several successful raids on Decepticon fuel depots and military outposts. Yesterday's Heroes!

After Bumblebee and the others left for Earth, though, he stopped making appearances. He was next seen being knocked down by Hook when Unicron's emissaries attacked Cybertron and may even have been left deactivated. Out of Time

Scoop and his fellow Autobots were searching for a rogue Triggerbot named Backstreet, who had gone AWOL after a disastrous mission. Meanwhile, Scoop and his fellow Decepticon Spinister were tormenting Backstreet at a run-down old carnival. Trigger-Happy!

This was not the most-bestest edited story ever.

Ladybird continuity

Scoop was part of an Autobot team that located the Decepticons and their secret underground city on Nebulos. Along with Quickswitch, he sealed the only exit, trapping the Decepticons. This could mean this one little barely-known guy is almost single-handedly responsible for ending the war. Decepticons Underground

Cartoon continuity

Scoop and his fellow Double Targetmasters were the first Transformers ever depicted in the least, according to the Cybernet Space Cube. Outside of Generation 2, they never actually appeared in the cartoon.

IDW comics continuity

Stormbringer2 ScoopTwintwist

An old-fashioned hole-digging! By gar, it's been a while!

On Varas Centralus in the Kol system, the Wreckers were called in by Bluestreak's infiltration team to deal with the Decepticon Siege Armature. Scoop and Twin Twist made slow progress in making a storm tunnel to the enemy base, and wondered how in Primacron the Decepticons could get their base up in such dense rock. Stormbringer issue 2 The Wreckers were recalled to Cybertron by Operations Command to investigate the possible return of Thunderwing and rescue Jetfire's missing science expedition. After the Wreckers saved Afterburner and Nosecone, Scoop and Twin Twist were again assigned to tunnelling into the enemy stronghold. Stormbringer issue 3

When Thunderwing returned to Cybertron, Scoop, Broadside and Roadbuster were sent as scouts. As the memories of Thunderwing's failure to convince Megatron to go along with his bio-cybernetic exo-shell technology flooded the monster's mind, it unleashed a wave of rage that forced Broadside to carry off Scoop by the scruff of his neck as the scouts ran for cover. The three Autobots later attempted to get some heat off the Twin Twist by firing on Thunderwing, but were all blown away by a thunderous clap of the monstrosity's hands. Stormbringer issue 4

Note: It's possible that Scoop isn't a card-carrying member of the unit and is simply "on loan" to the Wreckers. The fact that Broadside is seen at one point yanking Scoop by his neck to get away from danger may suggest that Scoop is unaccustomed to the frontline battles in which the Wreckers are usually engaged.


Generation One

  • Scoop with Holepunch and Tracer (Targetmaster, 1988)
G1 Scoop toy

Bob the Builder not included.

Scoop transforms into an orange and yellow front payloader. The loader arm and bucket are hinged with two joints and thus can actually be used to simulate the loading of things. His wheels are appropriately large and his overall sculpting is quite detailed for a small Targetmaster. Holepunch and Tracer (or any other accessories with handle pegs of the correct size) can be mounted on either side of the vehicle, near the ladder to the cabin.
Continuing the trend of unusual design in the Autobot small Targetmasters, Scoop has a hole in his chest that he can use with his Targetmaster partners (to create the illusion that he is looking through a gun sight) and he has very small hands so his Targetmasters instead mount on the outside of his wrists. Holepunch and Tracer can become two separate handguns, or either can attach to the rear of the other gun to form a single rifle.
No version of this character or mold was released in Japan.

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