Schaeffer Energy is what you’d expect from the Victory portion of the Generation One continuity family.

How do they cram all that graham?

Schaeffer Energy is an Autobot innovation, radiated by a golden metal created through the combination of different ores from throughout the solar system, at least two of which are derived from Earth and Mars. The high quality and purity of Schaeffer Energy has made it particularly famous, and each Autobot has their own personal chunk which they carry around as a supplementary energy source for their bodies.


Victory cartoon

Jean Minakaze and Holi were taken on a tour of the Schaeffer Energy Plant in America by Braver, who was part of the plant’s technology development team. After witnessing the landing of a ship returning from a mission to gather ore from Mars, Jean and Holi saw the furnace the ores were mixed in, and learned the history and importance of Schaeffer Energy.

The Decepticons subsequently attacked the Schaeffer Energy Plant, and made off with a large portion of the energy despite the efforts of the Autobots. During the raid, Dinoforce member Kakuryū was particularly eager to sample the energy’s flavor.

Note: When Braver discusses the ores used to create Schaffer energy, he indicates that Mars still exists, when in actuality, the planet was blown up in The Headmasters. Presumably, then, the ore is acquired from the remains of Mars that float in space.
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