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This article is about the Constructicon who is a combiner, for another Constructicon who looks like him, see Demolishor. For other meanings of the name, see Scavenger (disambiguation).

Scavenger transforms into a hydraulic mining excavator and the torso of Devastator.


Revenge of the Fallen film

Scavenger arrives in a quarry with the other constructions. He raises his scoop and transforms to form the upper torso of Devastastor. He presumably dies when the U.S.S Kidd fires their experimental rail gun at Devastator's right arm, which causes the whole decepticon to fall off of the pyramid, and smash apart. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


  • Scavenger (Legend, 2009)
His transformation cheats with his wheels, because they are not formed from his tracks, but instead are stored inside his vehicle-mode.
  • Constructicon Devastator (Supreme, 2009)
This version of Scavenger lacks robot-mode and has only excavator-mode and Devastator's torso-mode.


  • Demolishor and Scavenger share the same body model, as well as vehicle modes. Scavenger is more red than white, while Demolishor is more white than red. For a time, many fans thought that they are the same character, but it was proved wrong even before movie's premiere as the novel spoilers leaked into the web. However, Demolishor's toy is colored like Scavenger, with prevailing red. A later set of Demolishor with Skids and Mudflap in their ice-cream truck mode gives Demolishor his movie-correct coloring of white with a red face.
  • In Decepticon's coloring book, he's shown smacking a submarine away. Awesome, but horrible to imagine the scale.

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