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"C'mon guys, wait up..." You can't help but feel sorry for Scavenger. He wants so badly to be liked and needed, to feel like a useful and valuable member of his team. His self esteem is so low he'd do just about anything to get the approval of the others, but his simpering, doting eagerness to please just reinforces the other Decepticons' opinion of him as a worthless loser. He's constantly excavating everywhere he goes in the attempt to find something of worth to please everyone and prove his value, but it's invariably just some piece of garbage or scrap he excitedly finds, and that just reinforces their opinion of his worthlessness once again. If it wasn't for his shovel's unique ability to detect needed materials, Megatron and the others would likely have dumped the poor scrub long ago.

Scavenger combines with his fellow Constructicons to form Devastator, where he serves the useful function of right arm.

Italian name: Braccio ("Arm")
Hungarian name: Dögevő
French name (Canada): Excavo
Portuguese name (Brazil comic): Predador
Portuguese name (Portugal cartoon): Limpador ("Cleaner")
Portuguese name (Portugal comic): Vingador
Russian TV dub name: Мусорщик ("Scavenger")
Serbian name: Skevendžer


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Don Messick (US), Takurō Kitagawa (Japan)

Scavenger is the only Constructicon to kill another Cybertronian—Prowl—with a single shot. And he still gets no respect. The Transformers: The Movie

Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

(Additional note: In the Constructicons' origin story, Scavenger seems to be in charge, even though Scrapper is technically Constructicon Leader.)


Scavenger is the green and purple one.

Early in the Transformers' war on Earth, Shockwave used the stolen power of the Creation Matrix to give life to the first of a new generation of Decepticon warriors, the Constructicons. Scavenger and his Constructicons were immediately given a mission upon their coming online: Construct a communications tower to transmit a message to Cybertron. A truck stop was raided for raw materials, which attracted the ire of trucker Bomber Bill, who, with the aid of the Autobots, managed to destroy the tower Scavenger and the other Constructicons had built. The Next Best Thing to Being There!

Scavenger and the Constructicons, after troubleshooting their union as Devastator, were sent by Shockwave to abduct Buster Witwicky. Their attack was called off to regroup when Soundwave discovered Buster held the rest of the Creation Matrix in his head. Devastation Derby!

After Megatron's retaking of Decepticon command, Scavenger and the other Constructicons were charged with building perimeter defenses around their headquarters located at the base of a coal strip mine in eastern Wyoming. Devastator's services were again required when the Autobots staged a surprise attack, but they retreated once they had what they needed. Command Performances!

During Ratbat's command, an attack was ordered on the combined Autobot forces on Earth's moon while Blaster and Grimlock dueled for leadership. Under cover of battle, Scavenger and the other Constructicons retrieved the remains of several fallen and captured Decepticons. Totaled!

Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Scavenger, like most of the Constructicons, served under Megatron's command during the Earthforce saga. He was first seen talking to Rampage from Shockwave's camp during the Enclave. The Bad Guy's Ball! Later, he was present when Soundwave and Starscream successfully took over the factions and united the Decepticons. Internal Affairs! Scavenger joined the majority of the Decepticon forces in a major attack on Autobot Earthbase under Soundwave's command, hoping to draw attention away from Starscream's raid on an off-shore oil tanker...and maybe kill a 'Bot or two. Instead, they ended up with no oil, and Scavenger got roasted by Slag's flame breath. Divide and Conquer!

Note: The following two sections both split off from the end of the Generation One comic, but in different, irreconcilable directions.

Generation 2

Scavenger was seen on board the Warworld among the Decepticons rallied by Megatron against Jhiaxus's Cybertronian Empire. New Dawn


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Dreamwave comics continuity

IDW comics continuity

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Generation One

  • Scavenger (1985)
Team ID number: 2
Japanese ID number: 35
  • Constructicon
Scavenger turns into a power shovel (or steam shovel). This European-exclusive version of Scavenger was yellow, but with the darker purple from the original toy instead of the lighter Generation 2 shade, came with no Devastator parts, and also lacked the tab on his chest. This toy was also not officially named, as he came on a card shared by the other Constructicons.

Generation 2

  • Scavenger (Yellow, 1993)
  • Scavenger (Orange, 1993)
This release was a KB-Toys exclusive.


  • Constructicon Devastator (Multi-pack, 2007)
Scavenger is one of the toys included in this gift pack, a redeco of Energon Steamhammer.


  • Scavenger's animation model gives him Hook's pistol. Hook's animation model uses a different take on Hook's pistol, so Scavenger's gun design seems to go unused. Scavenger doesn't mind though; his pistol kills in ONE SHOT.

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