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The name or term Scavenger refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Scavenger (disambiguation).

A former instructor at Cybertron's top military academy, Scavenger sets the bar high. It was his (and Landmine's) strict training regimen for the now-legendary Autobot leader Optimus Prime that has pushed the Autobots to countless victories. Not easily impressed, Scavenger despises cockiness and values only true skill. Like Optimus Prime, he sees potential in the young Hot Shot. Hot Shot is hotheaded and cocksure, especially now that he wields the Star Saber sword. Scavenger sees this as a problem.

But it's nothing that can't be beaten out of him.

Japanese name: Devastar

Polish name: Grabarz (Gravedigger)


Armada anime

Voice actor: Ward Perry (USA), Keiji Fujiwara (Japan)

We REALLY shouldn't have fired at mirrors, Prime.

Scavenger was hired by Megatron for his skills as a mercenary and a bounty hunter for Mini-Cons, due to the troubles Megatron was having with the troops under his command. Scavenger claimed that at first he did not know whether to accept the contract or not, until he saw the sorry state of the Decepticons after their defeat at the hands of Hot Shot and the Star Saber. His mocking lack of respect or fear for Megatron intimidated the other Decepticons, as well as earning Starscream's hatred.

His first appearance on Earth was during an observation of a battle between Starscream and Hot Shot. Noting that Hot Shot only won because the Star Saber sensed its wielder's inexperience, Scavenger challenged the younger Autobot and soundly beat him, despite suffering a serious wound. Overmatch

Later, it was revealed that Scavenger was in fact an Autobot spy working on the behalf of Optimus Prime. After locating Rollbar, he set his goal on misleading the Decepticons. It is unclear how long Scavenger posed as a Decepticon, but Megatron takes note of his "legacy" in deciding to trust him.


Scavenger performed his spy duties so well, that he surprised most of the Autobots when he turned over an important member of the Skyboom shield to Megatron. Scavenger continued to serve Megatron until abruptly turning on the Decepticons and aiding Optimus Prime. Scavenger revealed his past with Prime as a teacher and fellow soldier before taking Hot Shot under his wing. Scavenger believes in hard work, but is also prone to bouts of laziness.

He served with the Autobots until the end of the Unicron Battles.

Dreamwave comics continuity


Scavenger, despite being a bulldozer, swerved out of the way of the approaching tank-mode Demolishor and fell down a hill. This apparently knocked him out.



He's still alive.


With the Unicron Singularity forcing the evacuation of Cybertron, Scavenger and a number of Autobot leaders were summoned to the Iron Hope, where Ultra Magnus dispatched them across the galaxy to locate the lost Autobot colony worlds. Scavenger was given command of the DieCast and sent to Zeta Persei. Force of Habit



  • Scavenger with Rollbar (Max-Con, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MC-07

Walk like a maaan...

Scavenger transforms into a large green front-end loader. Unusually for Transformers of this era, he features functional rubber treads. Rollbar (in robot mode) can be placed inside the driver's cabin, and pressing down on the Mini-Con activates engine start up and revving sounds. Pushing Scavenger forward will cause the large purple drum wheel at the back to rotate, making driving sounds, and as he rolls forward, his shovel blade will move up and down.
In robot mode, Scavenger unusually has no leg articulation whatsoever. His 'legs' are halves of the shovel blade clipped onto the purple drum wheel. Pushing Scavenger forward in robot mode rotates the wheel, moving the legs up and down in a simulation of walking. Each 'step' is accompanying by a stomp sound effect. Moving his arms up and down activates a crashing metal sound effect. Also, his arms are able to bend, albeit, they are a bit difficult due to his rubber treads getting caught in the joints. Powerlinking Rollbar to the active Powerlinx port on his hip, then pulling it back fires a purple projectile, as well as activating a laser firing sound.
He was released before the episode that revealed his true allegiance was aired. Thanks for spoiling it for us, jerks!
This mold was used to make Treadbolt.


  • From a design standpoint, Scavenger is essentially an homage to the Generation One Constructicons. His coloring is the same distinctive green and purple of the Constructicons, his name, of course, is based off one of the Constructicons (while his Japanese name is the same as Devastator's), and his alternate form is that of a bulldozer, similar to another Constructicon. In addition, his Cybertronic robot mode, seen in the episode Trust, uses a rifle drawn to resemble Devastator's.
  • Add a knife, take away the mouth, bury him in janitor clothes for ten years, and you got yourself a Jason Scavenger.

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