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Scattorshot is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

He's a little bit country and a lot techno.

A former computer-game programmer, Scattorshot (or sometimes Scattershot in Galaxy Force) quickly became Optimus Prime's go-to bot for computer work. But the nervy robot not only doesn't think he's cut out for battle, but believes the mere fact that he's done as well as he has in battle is just a big setup. He's convinced his good luck will run out on him, and run out at the worst possible moment.

As such, Scattorshot has developed a thing about guns. He likes altmodes with a lot of them. Maybe with enough firepower, he can prolong that whole karma thing. His companions find him to be a bit pessimistic, but far from hopeless... he may make a great soldier someday if he can just get over that nervousness.

Since gaining a new body and joining the Cybertron Defense Team, Scattorshot has gained more confidence and lost some of his pessimism, now that he has two brothers in arms watching his back. That, and the fact his new body has enough weaponry for him to make his own 'luck'.

Japanese name: Backpack (基地警備員バックパック Kichi Keibiin (Base Security Guard) BakkuPakku?), later upgraded to Backgild (基地防衛官バックギルド Kishi Boueigan (Base Security Officer) Bakkugirudo?)
Hungarian name: Sörét ("Lead Shot")
Russian name: Pulemet (Пулемет, "Machine gun")


Cybertron cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Richard Ian Cox (US), Tarusuke Shingaki (Japan)

Special attacks and Cyber Key Powers (Ignition):

  • Cybertron Form / Backpack: Round Shot, Missile Blast
  • Cybertron Defense Form / Backgild: Twin Search Missile, Cluster Launcher

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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When Optimus Prime and Scattorshot arrived on Earth, the latter scanned his vehicle mode off of a billboard advertising a war movie. To Prime's surprise, it was a conspicuous APC military half-track, and berated him for his choice of a disguise. Scattorshot sassed back that Prime's own vehicle mode of a gigantic fire truck armed with huge cannons sure is a good disguise. Then he pretended that Prime had disappeared for the moment, as he was so good at blending in. He finally laid out the advantages of a half-track, such as off-road, all-terrain capability, relatively high speed in difficult conditions and that nobody would ever think to give him a parking ticket.

Prime merely replied "Well... a fire truck is bigger." before quickly driving off. Inferno

Scattorshot's main job among the Autobots is to deal with intelligence analysis of Decepticon attacks and strategize on taking them out to protect the base, including protecting the humans on Earth from disasters and firing back at Decepticons with his Earth Cyber Key Power (Ignition) ability: Round Shot, which flips open the missile hatch on his back to fire 12 homing missiles at the enemy, although his first attempt failed to even hit Starscream while protecting the museum (with Hot Shot) where Vector Prime is searching for the Starship Atlantis.

The next time Scattorshot was in action with the Autobots proved to be his last as his current form as he, together with Hot Shot and Red Alert, faced against Megatron but was crippled by Megatron's Death Machine Gun. But the thought of going with Bud to space together gave him the motivation to live on and sparked off the Omega Lock's power to re-format himself into a more intelligent and courageous version of himself: Cybertron Defense Scattorshot / Base Security Officer Backgild (基地防衛官バックギルド?), with his Vehicle Form modeled after the Air Base's Missile-Equipped Tank and armed to the teeth with a pair of Cluster Launcher (クラスターランチャー?) missile containers for homing barrages and up-ended with his Cybertron Cyber Key Power (Ignition) Attack, Twin Search Missile (ツインサーチミサイル?) that fires powerful sniper blasts at his opponents, both of which are usable in Vehicle Mode as well.

At the end of the series, both Scattorshot and Red Alert became part of the Space Bridge Construction Project, with Hot Shot succeeds Override in becoming the new Leader of Velocitron.

Fun Publications Continuity

Scattorshot, or one of his counterparts from a tangented continuity, served as an Axiom Nexus tour guide for Jackpot and Hubcap. We know it at least LOOKS like his original form. Gone Too Far

Cyber Key Code content

Scattorshot didn't just program video games on Cybertron, he also played them. A LOT. Unlike most gamers, his polygon addiction actually came in handy as he used his knowledge of strategy games to help Optimus make plans for fighting the Decepticons.



  • Scattorshot (Scout-class, 2004/2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-06
    • Accessories: 2 missiles, double-barreled gun, Earth Cyber Key

The goggles, in fact, do nothing.

Scattorshot transforms into a anti-aircraft halftrack of made-up model. In either mode, he can fire two pressure-launched missiles. When a Cyber Planet Key is inserted in either mode, a (non-firing) missile rack opens up on his primary weapons turret. He also comes with a secondary double-barreled blaster accessory.
He also comes with an Earth-style Cyber Planet Key ; the Hasbro version has the Key Code "s67k on the back
  • Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (Voyager-class, 2005/2006)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-20
    • Accessories: 2 missiles, rifle, Cybertron Autobot Cyber Key


Cybertron Defense Scattorshot transforms into a Multiple-Launch Rocket System of made-up model mounted on a Merkava 2 tank hull. The halves of the (non-firing) launcher end up on his arms in robot mode. In either mode, inserting a Cyber Planet Key in each half reveals a new weapon: one side has a pull-out double spring-loaded missile launcher, while the other has a flip-out non-firing blaster barrel. He also comes with an extra long blue hand-held rifle that can be mounted in tank mode thanks to his Mini-con-compatible Powerlinx plugs. This rifle can also be attached to Energon chips on earlier figures via the larger hole by sheer coincidence.
The Takara release has slightly different paint applications for his chest, and his Cybertron Defense/Vanguard Team symbol tampograph is smaller.
He comes with a Cybertron-style Cyber Planet Key; the Hasbro version has the Key Code "v4kt" on the back.
This mold was also used to make Universe Dropshot and Universe Overload.


  • Scattorshot (Scout, 2007)
Scattorshot was one of several Cybertron Scout-class toys also made available on Universe cardbacks, and sold through discount chains like Kay-Bee Toy Works. This version is unchanged from the Cybertron release.


  • According to Aaron Archer at BotCon 2006, the reason both versions of Scattorshot came with extra blue guns was because both versions had a little more left on the "per item" budget than the normal plans called for, so they added the guns for a little more value.
  • In the opening-credit roll call of the Cybertron cartoon series, Scattorshot's name is spelled "Scattershot". This is also the spelling used on his Cyber Planet Key content.

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