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Scattershot needs no desktop generals or academy-trained slag skimmers to tell him how to fight. He just wades into a Decepticon patrol and doesn't come out until he's broken all his crayons and scribbled all over the mazes he couldn't solve. Then he puts down the coloring books and does the same thing to a hostile Decepticon force, only with guns and acid pellets instead of crayons. That's what he calls "strategy". Though Scattershot forms the main body of the giant Computron, if his own mind holds any fragment of the thoughtful titan's slow, considered approach, he hides it very well.

Grimlock would certainly like his style, and even the tin-plated bucketheads that think he's a blustering buffoon must admit that Scattershot is uniquely tough, the sort that Rollbar would say "broke the mold he was poured in". He won't stop fighting until he's utterly spent, down to his last microjoule of energy and drop of energon. He expects no less from the Technobots under his command.

French name (Canada): Répétitir
Italian name: Scatterbot



Marvel Comics continuity

Scattershot was one of the Autobots who left Cyberton aboard the Steelhaven in order to start a new life away from war (and perhaps from tin-plated bucketheads). But the Decepticons followed them to their new home on Nebulos. Scattershot and the other Technobots repelled a Terrorcon attack on the resort city Splendora before all of the Transformers left Nebulos. Love and Steel!

The Terrorcons later lamented Scattershot's demise as he and the other Technobots were killed by Starscream upon arriving in Buenos Aires. Stopping the Underbase was one puzzle Scattershot could not solve. Dark Star

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2008, when Rodimus Prime learned that Unicron was reconstructing himself on the planet of Junk, he took a shuttle with Scattershot, Smokescreen, and the Dinobots to bring a stop to it. While Prime and the Dinobots took the low road to wade through Unicron's mind-controlled Junkion followers, Scattershot and Smokescreen stayed on the shuttle, taking pot-shots at Unicron's giant head while avoiding his annihilating eye beams. The Legacy of Unicron! Some months later, Scattershot joined Ultra Magnus in responding to a Decepticon rescue call, and soon began fighting right alongside Soundwave's forces against a marauding army of Quintessons. Despite bonding in the course of battle, Soundwave reluctantly refused Magnus's suggestion of peace, as too much had happened between the two factions over the millennia. As the Decepticons departed, Scattershot remarked that Soundwave was probably right, and Ultra Magnus called that the true tragedy. Space Pirates!

In another timeline, the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons came to a close in 2510, when Springer's Wreckers took down the last Decepticon outpost. One Decepticon still survived, however: Triton, a deep-cover spy working inside the Autobots. When Rodimus Prime announced his retirement and plan to give over the Matrix to Springer, Triton spoke out against the idea, dividing the Autobots on whether Springer or Ultra Magnus should be the next leader. Scattershot and the Technobots sided with Magnus, while the Wreckers remained loyal to Springer. The next sequence of events was inevitable: Whirl shoved Triton, Triton punched Whirl, Roadbuster threatened to kill Triton, but Scattershot fired first, claiming the first casualty of the new Autobot Civil War. Peace

Cartoon continuity

The Technobots were created by Grimlock as a countermeasure to the new Decepticon Terrorcons, using the heightened intelligence he (Grimlock) had gained through an accident. Once their bodies had been built, Grimlock transferred his powerful intellect into them, returning to his original intelligence settings. Grimlock's New Brain

Later stationed in Autobot City on Earth, the Technobots helped EDC captain Marissa Faireborne track down a Quintesson base within the solar system, with the help (and occasional hindrance) of the smuggler Dirk Manus. Money is Everything

The Technobots were present for the attack on Autobot City where the Decepticons stole the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber.

The Rebirth, Part 1

Headmasters animated series (Japan)

Headmasters manga

The Technobots, created with the help of the human scientist Dalton, faced off against the Terrorcon Abominus, but it was a trap set by Galvatron. Forcing Abominus to split into his components, the individual Terrorcons spat a mind-controlling substance at Computron. Before Galvatron could get far with his new warrior, Spike Witwicky came to the Technobot’s rescue in an exo-suit, firing a beam into Computron’s eyes that removed the mind-controlling effect.

IDW comics continuity

Scattershot was second in command of the science vessel Calabi-Yau, working under Jetfire. It was during this period that their ship encountered the rare Ultra Energon on the abandoned Cybertron. In contrast to his usual action-oriented style, it was Scattershot who was the voice of caution on the mission to investigate. It was advice that should have been heeded as the team was attacked by Bludgeon's rogue Decepticons. Scattershot himself was impaled by Bomb-Burst during the attack. Stormbringer, part 1 Like the other Technobots, Scattershot was in the process of being cannibalized for parts when a recovery team arrived. Stormbringer, part 1 In a desperate battle against the super-powerful Thunderwing, it was the Technobots' brains that saved the day, by uncovering the clues to defeat the juggernaut. Scattershot remained on Cybertron to further investigate. Stormbringer, part 4

Some time later, Scattershot and the other Technobots were at least temporarily assigned to assist Jetfire in understanding the mysteries of Monstructor and his gestalt technology. This research was conducted at the Autobot penal facility at Garrus-9, under the command of warden Fortress Maximus. When the Decepticons attacked to retrieve Monstructor's components (Birdbrain, Bristleback, Icepick, Scowl, Slog, and Wildfly), several of the Technobots were heavily damaged in the fighting. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

Tremble beneath my ass cannon!

  • Scattershot (Technobot leader, 1987)
Team ID number: TK5
Japanese ID number: C-86
Scattershot transforms into a big red and white space cruiser with a gi-normous cannon, and has a secondary stationary-cannon mode. Mis-transforming Scattershot into robot mode results in Hilarious Cannon-Related Improprieties™ (seen at right). His rubsign is also hilariously placed in robot mode. One known variant has no rubsign indent...that's probably for the best.
He forms the central body of the giant robot Computron, combining with Lightspeed, Nosecone, Afterburner and Strafe in the Scramble City manner. He was available both separately and in a gift set with the other four Technobots.

Universe (2008)

  • Leadership Team (multi-pack, 2008)

Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

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And I'll thank you not to stare.

  • Apparently the guy who made Scattershot's animation models never saw the actual toy. Due to the isometric view of his front model sheet, the front of his vehicle mode is drawn behind his left shoulder. The back model takes this literally, placing the nose between his chest and left arm. The model also gives him a third, upside-down shoulder where the nose should be. Afterburner's character model suffers a similar ailment.

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