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The scatter blaster is a weapon from the Generation One continuity family.


The Transformers

Swindle may buy and sell an arsenal's worth of weapons in a day, but he keeps an occasional piece of merchandise for himself. His scatter blaster fires a wide spray of explosive buckshot — perfect for keeping away dissatisfied customers.

War for Cybertron



The scatter blaster has two different versions:

  • Semi-auto
Main article: EMP Shotgun
The semi-auto version is able to shoot two times before reload. It's a strong, but slow weapon.
  • Full-auto
The full-auto version can shoot about six times before reload. It has a maximum of 36 rounds, 48 in multiplayer with blaster amplifier perk.


  • In War for Cybertron game, some characters have a scatter blaster as their primary weapons.
  • The Scatter Blaster appears to be a cross between a submachine gun and a shotgun, but not nearly as powerful as either.
  • The Scatter Blaster can be compared to the "Jackal" from the game Crysis 2. They both do less damage than the other shotgun in the game (EMP shotgun in War for Cybertron and Marshall in Crysis 2), but they have longer range and a higher rate of fire.
  • The model of War for Cybertron Scatter Blaster appears in Dark of the Moon game and shares its name with the Shotgun. It is used as the secondary weapons of the warrior class. It has become slightly stronger in the new game.
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