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Specifics: Toy; beast mode

Scarem is a cold, calculating Transmetal 2 beetle. He is very aggressive in battle, making him a dangerous opponent for any Maximal.


IDW Beast Wars comics

Magmatron came to prehistoric Earth to gather an army using the Axalon's protoforms. Scarem was presumably among the protoforms to be successfully turned into Predacons. Magmatron ordered his forces to seek out the double-agent Razorbeast and his crew of Maximals. Within a few days, the Predacons had located the Maximal headquarters, and battle ensued. During that battle, Scarem tangled with Ramulus. The Maximals won that fight, and the surviving Predacons retreated into the wilderness. Whether Scarem was among the survivors is unknown. The Gathering


Beast Wars

  • Scarem (Transmetal 2 Basic, 1999)
Scarem transforms into a Transmetal 2 beetle.


  • In The Gathering, Scarem only appears once in the actual story, during the climactic battle in the fourth issue. He also appears on one of the covers for the first issue.

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