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Scamper is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

Scamper is part of the composite whole that is the Autobot city, Metroplex. Although autonomous in his own right, with an impulsive and sociable personality, Scamper is an extension of Metroplex, and commonly patrols the peripheries of the giant Autobot's city form in his sports car mode alongside Slammer.

French name (Canada): Allégro



The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Dan Gilvezan (English), Masahi Ebara (Japanese)

All kinds of out of whack.

Scamper would occasionally be seen when Metroplex was viewed from afar, in (a wildly out-of-scale) car mode berthed in the garage on the left-hand side of the city. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5 Ghost in the Machine. He helped Six-Gun interrogate Autobots with dinosaur alternate modes (namely the Dinobots and Sky Lynx) over the theft of famous monuments worldwide, since "dinosaur transform static" (no, really) had been found at the scenes of the crimes. Thief in the Night

When the Decepticons attacked Metroplex with a sonic weapon from the planet Eurhythma, Scamper (in his only robot-mode appearance) sounded the alarm and eagerly returned fire on the villains. However, he was struck down by the devastating harmonics along with Metroplex. Carnage in C-Minor

Later, Scamper and Slammer discovered Swindle stealing Metroplex's transformation cog, and reacted with disbelief at the possibility of an invader. Demanding identification and an explanation from the Combaticon, Scamper found himself sent sprawling when Swindle blew up the ramp he was traveling on and made good his escape. The Ultimate Weapon

Note: Some additional animation of Scamper and Slammer driving through Metroplex can be seen in the "historical trailer" for the Autobot city at the conclusion of "The Quintesson Journal". This animation is unique amongst that used in these trailers as it does not appear anywhere else in the series.


Generation One

  • Metroplex (Autobot City, 1986)
Japanese ID number: C-70

No, not Black Rodimus

Available only with Metroplex, Scamper transforms from a six-wheeled Cybertronic sports car to robot; he is entirely black, with absolutely no paint applications in either mode, and only an Autobot sticker on his chest for color. The two electro-blaster guns mounted on his roof are removed for transformation and inserted into his shoulders to form his arms, and the robot has its own, small particle beam pistol weapon. Scamper interacts with Metroplex in the same way as other Mini Vehicles, fitting into his various parking spots, although ironically not the one that the cartoon showed him sitting in. Usually, the figure is kept in the garage in the larger robot's chest, from which he can be deployed and sent rolling down a ramp to ground level with the push of a lever.
The same mold was used for Metrodash.


  • In the Marvel UK comics Letters Page, Grimlock noted that he didn't consider robots like Scamper, Slammer and Six-Gun (who are extensions of Metroplex's personality) to 'count' as separate beings. Bear in mind: Grimlock is an insensitive exhaust vent.

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