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Though Scalpel (aka The Doctor) looks harmless, he is very, VERY evil. He's pretty much the Decepticon version of Perceptor, but more sadistic, cruel, and smaller. He tortures his victims so much with his various tools. If they die, he will bring them back on-line so he can torture and kill them again, and again, and again...


Revenge of the Fallen film

The Doctor went to the bottom of the Laurentian Abyss along with Long Haul, Skipjack, Ravage, Mixmaster and Scrapmetal. Using the All Spark fragment stolen by Ravage, the Doctor orders the Decepticons to kill Scrapmetal to obtain the parts to repair Megatron's body.


Skitterbug's replacement.

He later waits in the warehouse where Grindor captured and took Sam, Mikaela and Leo. Megatron orders him to extract the knowledge of the Cybertonian language Sam had been seeing. He crawls on Sam, who was pinned down by Megatron, and was able to probe into his nose and brain using a worm brought in by two flying Insecticons, but demanded to take out the brain for a full scan. However, he was unfortunately interrupted in his preparation to drill into Sam's brain when Bumblebee and Optimus came to the rescue and had a brief battle. What happened to him is left unclear. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Scalpel (Scout, 2009)

Scalpel transforms into a microscope. In microscope mode, he isn't life sized, since he is very tiny for a microscope. However, his humanoid form is almost a perfect life-sized version of the one in the Revenge of the Fallen film. :Well... when you consider that he transforms into something that small and hand-held (think Star Trek hypospray) in the movie, his size in robot mode makes a bit more sense than the toy's depiction.


  • His fate isn't shown in the film, but the novelization and comic depict him being destroyed by Optimus Prime upon arrival.
  • When Scalpel ordered the others to kill "zeh little one", he was the smallest Transformer in the area... perhaps he has issues. Scale issues.
  • He appears to speak in a German accent. An example includes "We must have ze brain onla ze table!". This is probably done to make him seem like a stereotypical mad scientist.
  • Sam refers to him as a "little crab robot."
  • In Dark of the Moon, at a dozen Scalpel-type Decepticons are seen to be repairing Megatron's head throughout the film. In fact, killing them seems to be a pass time for Megatron in several scenes.

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