Satellite Penitentiary inmates is Decepticon soldiers.

Victory cartoon

Voice Actor;

Transformers Victory Satellite Penitentiary inmates 3.png

The soldiers escape of the prison why Hellbat he going the rescue the old friend Gaihawk and later liberated and these and going attack the Autobots.

Later as soon going to the fight and helping the Breastforce the lava was thrown high and everyone went Galaxy Shuttle to be saved and as the lava some all the prison all the soldiers were saved. Rescue! Gaihawk

Transformers Victory Satellite Penitentiary inmates 4.png

The soldiers together the Deathsaurus and Dinoforce and Seekers going to attack the autobots the battle is very big as soon Star Saber and Autobots they took out the gravity machine with Planet-Destroying Fortress. Resurrection!? The Decepticon Fortress

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