TFGoShinobi3 Sasuke Sarutobi

Sasuke Sarutobi (猿飛 佐助 Sarutobi Sasuke) is a famous ninja from the Sengoku period of Japan.

He's a much better ninja than some we could mention.


Transformers Go!

"Enter! The New Warrior!"

Tobio Fūma and the Swordbot Shinobi Team discovered Sasuke Sarutobi being attacked by thieves while searching for a legendisc in the past. After Tobio and the Shinobi Team chased off the thieves, Sasuke gave Tobio the orange legendisc and revealed his identity before vanishing ninja-style.


  • Sasuke Sarutobi is (probably) a fictional character and a common folk hero in Japan. Some argue that he may have been based on a real person.
  • The Transformers: Go! depiction of him is somewhat at odds with his usual description. In most Japanese folk tales, he's a young boy or at least a young-looking adult. It's unclear why TakaraTomy decided to portray him as an old man...
  • "Sarutobi" is at least as much a title as a last name. It refers to his ability to leap through the trees like a monkey ("saru" meaning "monkey" and "tobi" meaning "leaping").
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