Sari Sumdac is a human from the Transformers Animated franchise.

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Sari Sumdac, the adopted daughter of robotics genius Isaac Sumdac, doesn't get out much. She spends all her time within her father's laboratories, receiving her education from robots. Despite this, she doesn't seem like a shut-in. She's curious, excitable, adventurous, and knows that crying can sometimes get her what she wants. She just doesn't know what it's like to be around other kids. Fortunately, she has Bumblebee and Bulkhead to help with that, and she claims that Bee is the best friend she's ever had. In fact, she's become very possessive of all her robotic friends.

The key around her neck has miraculous powers from the All Spark, but her guardian, the robotic dog Sparkplug, thinks it's just another chew toy.


Transformers: Animated

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Voice actor: Tara Strong (English), Tanja Schmitz (German)

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When her pet robot dog, Sparkplug, stole her security key card, Sari chased it outside and was confronted by Bumblebee and Bulkhead, who spoke to her as if she were Sparkplug's pet. Naturally, she freaked out, but quickly befriended Bumblebee once he saved her from a giant bug that had grown from her father's nanite experiment gone awry. Stowing away on Bumblebee and coming aboard the Ark, she came across the All Spark, which infused part of its power into her security key. This allowed her to heal Transformers, such as the injured Prowl, earning her brownie points with the 'Bots. She also managed to talk the police down from shooting the Autobots, saying they were friendly (except Ratchet, who was grumpy, but not evil). Sari later helped teach the Autobots about Earth and humans.

During the unveiling of her father's new transit system, Starscream arrived and attacked. Bumblebee took a shot meant for Sari, allowing Starscream to capture him, Professor Sumdac, the Mayor, and Captain Fanzone. Sari came up with the idea to distract Starscream while she and Prowl rescued the others (even faking some tears to make it happen). Her key later saved Optimus Prime's life when she used it to revive his spark. Transform and Roll Out!

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Sari would go on to be Bumblebee's usual partner in crime, encouraging him to engage in such questionable activities as high-profile wrestling matches Total Meltdown and installing rocket boosters to make him go faster. Nanosec Sari likely hangs out with Bumblebee because she knows she can scare the holy beprimus out of him. Along Came a Spider

On Sari's birthday, the only other kids who turned up were the children of her dad's employees. None of them really wanted to be there and soon focused their attention on the Autobots. Sari was left alone and shunned along with Bulkhead, both morose that the kids didn't like them. Her father's present, a music robot called Soundwave, cheered her up, and she soon began neglecting her friendship with Bulkhead in favour of her new toy. Repeated uses of her All Spark Key turned Soundwave into a malevolent, sentient being who tried to enslave Humanity, and she learnt she'd been wrong to ignore her friend. Sound and Fury

When the Decepticons Blitzwing and Lugnut arrived on Earth, the two Decepticons manhandled the Autobots. Although they survived, it made apparent the fact that more would come looking for the All Spark, so the Autobots decided to repair the Ark and leave Earth. Sari's reaction to this was displeasure (in the form of a high pitch shout of NO!). However, they needed Sari's key to assist Ratchet in repairing the ship. Sari was unwilling to help them leave, nor was she pleased to work with a grouch like Ratchet (who was not that keen on working with a protoform), but they managed to get her to the ship. While alone with the All Spark, Sari decided to try and sabotage the ship, thereby keeping the Autobots on Earth (and dooming her species to enslavement and/or extinction) but the key repaired the damage. After that, the All Spark showed her an image of a giant Transformer. In her panic, Sari opened the air lock, nearly drowning, but Ratchet saved her. Ratchet then explained that they were leaving because they couldn't risk anything happening to Earth, or Sari. Swayed by his compassion, Sari used her key to reactivate the Ark's decommissioned weapons, reducing Blitzwing and Lugnut to pieces. Lost and Found

Eventually, Optimus Prime had decided that the All Spark key was no longer safe in Sari's hands, and ordered Ratchet to take it from her. Distraught, Sari runs off crying, only to be captured later by Blackarachnia, who was looking for the key herself. Sari basically tells her 'too little, too late' and the two basically have a heart to heart about their gripes with the Autobots. Megatron Rising - Part I

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However, Sari was actually misleading Blackarachnia, sending her in circles around the frozen Lake Erie. Fortunately, Ratchet brought the Ark out of the lake, saving her from Blackarachnia. She was ticked that Ratchet had lost her key, and that her dad had helped rebuild Megatron, but the blame game passed after the ship crashed on Dinobot Island. Prime told the Sumdacs to stay with the ship while they went to fight off Megatron. Fearing that they might die, Isaac Sumdac said that there was something that he needed to tell Sari, but she was more interested in finding something else the All Spark could charge.

Going to the All Spark, she begged it to charge something or at least open up, but it did nothing. Demanding to know why she had been chosen to guard the key, the All Spark showed Sari a DNA strand. Before she could get into any thought about the meaning of the vision, Megatron and Prime burst through the hull of the Ark. Shoving Sari aside, Megatron took the All Spark and placed it within himself, planning to destroy Earth. However, Isaac Sumdac built a device that damaged Megatron's equilibrium sensors, causing him to drop the key. Sari tossed it to Optimus Prime, who used the key destroy the All Spark and disperse its energy. Acknowledging that he had been wrong in taking from her, Optimus Prime gave the key back to Sari, saying that as the most powerful Cybertronian artifact on Earth, it was too important to be left in the hands of an Autobot.

Unfortunately, all was not well, for Sari could not find her he was now a prisoner of Megatron. Megatron Rising - Part 2

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Prime was never the same after this.

  • Sari is the first person to explain human reproduction to a Transformer (in a whisper). Optimus Prime looked shocked by the explanation.
  • Fan reaction to Sari has been mixed—some fans hate her, quite a few love her, and some are neutral. Considering the widespread vitriol heaped upon previous child characters in Transformers shows (e.g., Kicker), that means she's come off reasonably well.
  • In contrast, her deus ex machina All Spark key was initially less popular. However, later episodes in the first season showed it to have potentially disastrous effects when used frivolously (e.g., Soundwave), and hopefully, she will cease using it as the cure for all ills.
  • Unused animation from an early version of the series' opening credits showed Sari using a tricycle that transformed into a jetpack. This device hasn't surfaced in the series as of March 2008.
  • It should be noted that in "Along Came a Spider", she agreed to stop using the key so much. Yet, she went back on this and started abusing it massively by the next episode, making Soundwave the fourth crisis the key has caused. Girl is not going to be happy until she creates an Animated Protoform X...
  • Fans have speculated for some time as to whether Sari is 100% human. Her unique connection with the Allspark via her key has left many feeling she herself is somehow a product of Isaac's reverse-engineering of Cybertronian technology. Suggestions for 'what' she may be include a test-tube baby, cyborg, robot, or a genetically-modified human child. Factors that have contributed to these theories include not only her bond with the Allspark, but also her lack of a mother, inability to make friends among kids, and also because she went 'KLANG!' once when she collided with Ratchet. The first in-canon support to the theory came in 'Megatron Rising, Part 2' - Isaac, feeling that the end was nigh for both he and his daughter said he needed to tell her something important, but Sari ran off before he could continue. Likewise, when berating the Allspark and asking why it chose her, Sari is presented with a hologram of a DNA strand, possibly her own. Though neither scene gives a definite answer, the implication has now been established that Sari is somehow, a unique being.

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