Santon is a Maximal from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

El Santon, Elefante de Plata, contra los Destrongers.

Santon is one of Cybertron’s finest and most accomplished medics. Along with Skywarp, he was dispatched to investigate Galvatron’s massive spacecraft, the Nemesis, and provide Lio Convoy with backup on Gaea. He is a philanthropist and greatly respects life of all kind. He refuses to kill. As a doctor it is his duty to do otherwise and help the wounded.

He can combine with Lio Junior and Skywarp to form Magnaboss II.


Beast Wars II and Neo cartoons

Voice actor: Hiroaki Harakawa (Japanese)

I hear Blue Demon's still sore at him for showing him up at the end of zombie flick.

Beast Wars II comic

IDW Beast Wars comics

Santon is one of many in an Angolmois-induced riot following Tako Tank, who broke a wall. The Ascending #4


Beast Wars II

  • Santon (Deluxe, 1998)
Japanese ID number: C-28
Acessories:2 clubs
This figure is a repaint of Ironhide, transforming into an African elephant.
  • Magnaboss (Multi-pack, 1998)
Japanese ID number: X-4


  • "San" is the Japanese word for "three". "Ton"... is not a Japanese word. Therefore, Santon's name most likely means "three-ton".

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