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The name or term Sandstorm refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sandstorm (disambiguation).

Sandstorm gets bored easily, and has a very hard time concentrating on humdrum tasks. He craves excitement, and since the Transformers apparently don't have the X-Games (though they do have skateboarding apes), he goes in for fighting the Decepticons. The ever-present threat of deactivation or maiming doesn't frighten him, but he does fear that the war might end any chance for him to enjoy life. For Sandstorm, war may not be heaven, but it's a hell of an adventure.

French name (Canada): Siroco
Italian name: Ghibli


Marvel Comics UK continuity[]


"Think how great a first impression we'd make if I shot him in the crotch!

Sandstorm was one of three Triple-Changers recruited by Emirate Xaaron to back-up the Wreckers in Operation Volcano, replacing Ultra Magnus after he went missing. In order to make a good first impression on Impactor, their new commander, Sandstorm and his buddies beat the titanium-coated stuffing out of him, thus proving that they'd fit right in with the Wreckers. Target 2006

As a member of the Heroic Wreckers, Sandstorm's resume includes beating up Autobot leader Optimus Prime, The Harder They Die beating up Autobot scientist Flame and destroying his life's work Meltdown, NOT beating up Galvatron and letting him escape unmolested on Earth Wrecking Havoc, and routinely scaring humans and destroying entire towns Wrecking Havoc Cold Comfort and Joy. In an alternate future, he murdered an unarmed fellow Autobot, starting a new Cybertronian Civil War between the Wreckers and the Technobots Peace. He was also in the immediate vicinity when his leader Impactor died, and did nothing to stop it. Twice.

As a member of the Heroic Wreckers, Sandstorm's resume includes capturing a potential spy who looked like Optimus Prime, The Harder They Die stopping an evil genius and his army of zombies from destroying the world Meltdown, sacrificing personal glory to save his leader Springer from the Decepticon Targetmasters Wrecking Havoc, and routinely interacting with the locals while assigned to Earth Wrecking Havoc Cold Comfort and Joy. In an alternate future, he was personally responsible for destroying the last living Decepticon in the universe Peace. He also respected Impactor a great deal, in life and death.


Aren't you with the Wreckers? In space?

Oppressed under Grimlock's tyrannical rule, Sandstorm and several others on board the Ark pleaded for Blaster to usurp Grimlock as leader of the Autobots. No one knows how Sandstorm got there. Spacehikers!

After being assigned to Earth duty and reporting to Cybertron about Galvatron amassing resources, Sandstorm joined a joint task force of Wreckers and Mayhems in confronting the evil Decepticon from the future. They were strong. They were numerous. They were annihilated. Galvatron's particle cannon ended up obliterating Sandstorm while the task force was in full retreat after losing more than half their members.

Cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Jerry Houser (English), Yoku Shioya (Japanese)

Sandstorm is a native of Paradron. His Autobot ancestors fled Cybertron during what he called the Fourth Great War and ventured through a strange vortex, where they discovered a habitable world. There, they founded an energon-rich, democratic colony dedicated to non-violence.

But this came to an end when Cyclonus and Scourge stumbled through the vortex and crashed on Paradron. They had no idea where they were, but they knew it was a land ripe for the picking. They literally pushed the welcoming Paradronians around, then alerted Galvatron to the planet's existence. Sandstorm tried to rally his fellows against the two Decepticons, but no one wanted to fight. And he was proven terribly right in the middle of a speech, when Cyclonus abruptly shot him as Galvatron's invasion force descended from the sky.

Sandstorm was jailed, and the Decepticons forced the Paradronians into labor, building weapons. However, Sandstorm escaped rather easily and took an old shuttle back through the vortex. He put out a distress call and was found by the Cybertronian Autobots, whom he convinced to mount a counterstrike against Galvatron.

Sandstorm ThiefInTheNight

Technically you're not supposed to be here either, but at least we can say the episodes were just out of order.

The Autobots infiltrated Paradron and took guerrilla action. They freed a group of Paradronians, and though the pacifists were still wary of Sandstorm's pleas to fight, they did finally take up arms. Despite this victory, though, the Decepticons still presented a daunting battle. Sandstorm gave little objection to Rodimus Prime's order to detonate the planet's energon core, destroying the world to keep it out of Galvatron's hands. In fact, he seemed downright happy to get some use out of the planetary escape pods. The Paradronians departed thusly while Sandstorm and Ultra Magnus planted a bomb on what Magnus called the most beautiful thing in the entire galaxy.

When it detonated five minutes later, Sandstorm and the Paradronians stood alongside the Autobots and watched their homeworld's destruction. "It's as beautiful in death as it was in life," Sandstorm eulogized simply. Rodimus openly mocked him and told him Cybertron was better. Fight or Flee

SandstormOctane BFF

"Like the rest of my people, I deplore violins. Why that stopped us from fighting you guys, I have no idea."

Maybe that's why he went to Earth instead. Though he was still on the abusive Rodimus' team investigating Trypticon's theft of famous monuments. Thief in the Night Interestingly, it was as a result of that caper that Octane was excommunicated from Galvatron's army. And then Sandstorm and Octane soon started hanging out, joyriding in and around Autobot City.

When the Combaticons tried to assassinate Octane, he and Sandstorm fled to a space station somewhere and had lunch. There, a Skuxxoid in Galvatron's employ tried to kill Octane several times but was comically thwarted by circumstance. Believing it would be safer, Sandstorm and Octane then went to Cybertron. But while Octane was alone there, he finally was captured by the Decepticons.

As he was being hauled away, Sandstorm tried to rescue him. And failed. Starscream's Ghost

Dreamwave comics continuity[]

Sandstorm served under Springer as part of the Wreckers faction during the Dark Ages. Originally only able to transform into a ground vehicle, Sandstorm received an additional flight mode after the Great Shutdown, when Shockwave put him through Triple-Changer engineering as part of the Pax Cybertronia between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Despite serving with Shockwave's Triple-Changer Strike Force, Sandstorm and his partner Broadside grew uneasy about Shockwave's ultimate intentions, and allied themselves with the Autobot underground resistance. Sandstorm was killed by an assassin, Runabout, while secretly leading Optimus Prime to make contact with the resistance. Cold War

IDW comics continuity[]

Stormbringer3 Sandstorm

You talking to me? You talking to me?! I don't see anybody else so you must be talking to me.

Sandstorm was part of the elite Wreckers unit operating under Springer's command. While he and the other aerial Wreckers were assaulting the Decepticon Siege Mode Armature on Varas Centralus, Springer was ordered by Operations-Command to pull out and return to Cybertron to deal with the resurrection of Thunderwing. Stormbringer issue 2 Sandstorm participated in the short assault that crushed Bludgeon's cult Stormbringer issue 3, and fought against Thunderwing himself when the creature was recalled to Cybertron. During the battle, he reported that their weapons were being shut down by Thunderwing charging the atmosphere and tried to tell Springer to get away, but he (along with several other Wreckers) were blasted away by the creature's microwave pulse. Stormbringer issue 4


Generation One[]

  • Sandstorm (1986)
    • Japanese ID number: C-83
    • Accessories: "Sandblaster gun"
G1 Sandstorm toy

Pretty good vehicle modes for a G1 character.

Sandstorm transforms from robot to "sand rail" dune buggy to CH-53-esque transport helicopter and back.
This watch violates the laws of time and space!
Collect them all!

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Machine Wars[]

MachineWars Sandstorm toy

"Dude, where's my car mode?"

  • Sandstorm (1997)
    • Accessories: 2 missile launchers, 2 missiles
A redeco of the Rotorstorm toy, with a US Air Force roundel added to his helicopter mode. Due to the small missiles of Rotorstorm failing US choke gate tests, the turbine launchers were retooled to fire much larger missiles. A button on the back of the rotor housing drops down both engines/launchers for an 'attack mode' feature. In robot mode, Sandstorm has quite restricted articulation, and holds his turbine launchers in his hands.
This mold was later redecoed into Universe Whirl.



Note: The VTOL mode is mis-transformed.

  • Sandstorm (Voyager, 2013)
  • Accessories: Cannon
Part of the "Thrilling 30" line of toys, Sandstorm is an extensive Re-deco and Re-mold of the Voyager class Springer figure. Sandstorm retains alternate modes reminiscent of his G1 incarnation. He turns into a VTOL aircraft, and an armored up dune buggy with huge rear wheels. this because they are frowned by the VTOL turbines from His flight mode.
In boot mode he also has a new head sculpture, and other minor changes that differentiate him drastically from Springer.
The cannon can be mounted on top of the dune buggy mode, under the nose of the VTOL mode, and be held in Robot Mode.


  • He has the standard Autobot Triple-changer alt-modes, that of a Helicopter and a Ground-based vehicle. He shares these characteristics with Springer and Drift.

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