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United EX When Onslaught succeeded in purloining a set of drones intended for Choppermaster, a new combiner, Battle Gaia, was created from his old body's data. After reporting his success to Scrash, Onslaught released Battle Gaia in order to create a distraction that would allow him to continue his thefts. Prelude to the Siege Operation Combination story pages Sandstorm served as a limb for Battle Gaia. Big Pinch, Autobots! The Decepticons' Attack on Earth! Conclusion Metrowars As part of Battle Gaia, Sandstorm was stationed aboard Metrotitan during an attack on Scramble City. Metrowars



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The Sandstorm depicted in the July 1992 issue of TV Magazine (as seen above) has some color differences compared to the final version; the main color of the retail toy is more cream or off-white than sandy tan, while the optic band color veers closer to yellow than orange. None of the Battle Gaia components were given individual bios. This was actually very common by this point in the Takara Transformers line, which was loaded up with multi-packs (mainly of Micromasters) where the singular on-package bio would cover the entire team, and there was very little fiction to even attempt to highlight anyone beyond "hey cool robot that fights good".


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