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San Francisco, California, seems to be a multiversal sufferer of Transformers-related abuse. It has been targeted for nukes at least twice—once it was hit successfully, and another time it was "only" contaminated by nuclear fallout.

And yet the rent is so high. We don't understand. Makes you long for the days when it was only being savaged by weird robot bird-dragons that hatched out of asteroids or angry gestalts.


The Transformers cartoon


Generation 2 continuity

The tourist trade never recovered.

Jhiaxus of the Cybertronian Empire fired upon San Francisco with an energy weapon of some sort, vaporizing the city to a radius of several miles—simply as an "up yours" gesture to Optimus Prime. Dark Shadows!

Dreamwave continuity

Great, there go my insurance rates again.

As part of his plan to eradicate Earth and to emphasise to Optimus Prime that humans weren't worth fighting for, Megatron launched a massed assault on San Francisco. (Why do comic-book Decepticon leaders target this specific city when they want to get at Prime? Maybe the Autobot leader spends his summers there). Devastator tore through the city before the Autobots arrived to stop Megatron, but the damage was still extensive.

Then General Hallo decided to fire a nuclear missile at the city to wipe out all the Transformers, forcing Superion to sacrifice his life to save everyone else. While the actual missile strike was stopped, the shock wave from the blast still hit the city. Ouch. Prime Directive

Keepers Trilogy

As it turns out, San Francisco was contaminated with radiation from the fallout.

IDW Hearts of Steel continuity


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