The Samurai armor is an upgrade in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

It doesn't only look awesome but it flies as well.

The Samurai Armor was given to Prowl by Lockdown after they needed to team up to catch Starscream. It fits him perfectly, being able to turn into a Side-car, giving him flight ability. Part of it used to belong to Yoketron, their mutual old ninja master. It also comes with an energy sword that turns into a wheel.



The helmet was stolen from Yoketron by Lockdown along with a bunch of Protoforms many stellar cycles ago. Five Servos of Doom

After which it was put along with several other parts of Autobots which Lockdown stole and given to Prowl so that they could catch Starscream who, at the time, had a big bounty on his head from either the Elite Guard or Megatron. It was very effective in catching cowardly, or suck-up Starscream Clones. Prowl decided not to keep it after it broke a tree. but kept it for a while to catch the other Starscream that Lockdown stole. He used it to fire a bomb that Starscream put in the clones into the sky so it wouldn't destroy anything, this left him with only the Helmet which he still threw away. A Fistful of Energon

Lockdown had his own armor based on Prowl's which Prowl then stole off of him for good Five Servos of Doom

He kept it for the rest of the season and then died in it after sacrificing himself to save his leader. He was then brought back to Cybertron inside of Omega. Endgame, Part II



  • Samurai Prowl (Deluxe, 2009)
The new sidecar/Armor toy fits on the new slightly Retooled and Redecoed version of Deluxe Prowl. It doesn't fit on Lockdown.
The helmet is on a ball joint and easily removable. Hopefully a Yoketron toy it would fit the helmet.


  • Real Samurai would usually fight with honor (ninjas, not so much). But the suck up said that Prowl didn't when he was wearing the armor.
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