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Sammy Harker is a human in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Sammy Harker is a young boy from Stansham, England who dreams about the Man of Iron. He likes to dress up as a Red Indian Native American.


Marvel Comics continuity

Sammy was playing in the woods near Stansham Castle when he encountered a giant robot. Terrified out of his mind, he ran home where he arrived in a state of shock. His father Roy, the castle's curator, revealed that Stansham had a long history of giant robot activity: Godwin the Strongarm and Aethelric both encountered the Man of Iron in 1017, according to an old manuscript. That night, Sammy dreamed that a robot stole the manuscript illustration from his room, and was surprised to see it the next day on the seat of a Porsche parked outside his house. The Porsche began talking to him and told him to get inside. When he did, the Porsche locked the doors and drove away, much to the anguish of Sammy's mother.

The Porsche revealed his name was Jazz, and told Sammy that he was the robot he had seen in the woods. He then introduced Sammy to his friends - Mirage, Trailbreaker and Bluestreak. Suddenly they were attacked by fighter planes and only Sammy's quick driving saved Jazz. Once the Autobots had seen off their attackers, Jazz took Sammy to a shuttle nearby where he was introduced to the Autobots' leader - Optimus Prime! While Sammy told Optimus about the legend of the Man of Iron, Optimus explained that beneath Stansham Castle was an Autobot rescue craft that had been waiting for millions of years and that the Decepticons must not find it first.

Returning to the castle with Sammy, the Autobots once more battled the Decepticons and Sammy was reunited with his father. He explained how the Autobots were trying to help and suggested they cleared the area. After the smoke had cleared and the Autobots had left, the site was cleaned up. Sammy never saw Jazz again, but he continued to dream about the Man of Iron. Man of Iron!


  • Sammy's mother is not named.
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