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Salvage is a Recyclon from the Generation One continuity family.
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This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Salvage is governed by two motivations; ambition and fear. As Commander of the Reclamation, he hungers for promotion, but fears the retribution failure will bring from his masters, the Harvest Lords of Sigrath. However, he does truly believe in the Harvest Lords' mission of galactic cleansing, and will allow nothing to get in the way of his pursuit of recyclables - not innocent life-forms, or even the safety of his own crew.

As per his rank, he is the most humanoid crew member of the Reclamation crew. He is tall and sleek, with a humanoid face and dark blue exterior plating. He possesses two wrist-blasters.


Transformers Legends anthology

While scouring an unknown region of the galaxy for recyclables, Salvage was alerted to the presence of a huge junk deposit by Assessor. That deposit turned out to be the fabled Planet of Junk. Sensing the opportunity for a promotion and to better himself in the eyes of the Harvest Lords after weeks of failure, Salvage landed the Reclamation on the planet's surface and began to power up the Prime Processing Unit. Before he could begin converting the junk to energy, however, he was confronted by Wreck-Gar, who Salvage quickly blew away with his blasters. Undaunted, Wreck-Gar swiftly repaired himself and summoned an army of Junkions. In the brief skirmish that followed, the Recyclons were routed by the bizarre mechanoids; Salvage himself was hit by Wreck-Gar's decelerator laser and nearly decapitated.

Badly beaten, the Recyclons fled back to the Reclamation and took off, Salvage neglecting to worry if the others had made it intact or not. Repaired and armed with a plan devised by Assessor, Salvage returned to the planet in a landing pod, alone. He made a show of making peace with Wreck-Gar, only to blast him with a knock-off of his own decelerator laser, paralyzing the Junkion leader. As the Prime Processing Unit powered up aboard the Reclamation and prepared to convert the planet and its inhabitants to energy, Salvage walked confidently back to his pod. Wreck-Gar, however, recovered in time to order his Junkions to grab the ship with a tractor beam, slamming it into the planet and destroying it. As Salvage looked on in horror, the Junkions began to move in on him... Collect and Save

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