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Salvage is a Rescue Bot who is partners with Blurr, the pair of them previously having served as crew mates on the same vessel. He chose a recycling truck as his Alternate Mode, and enjoys nothing better than finding new purposes for materials that have been discarded.

He is voiced by Jason Marsden.


Salvage and Blurr worked together on the same crew, but apparently weren't all that close. Their ship was subsequently forced to land on Earth during a meteor shower, and Salvage took the initiative in helping a number of local primitive humans. He and Blurr constructed a raft to get them off their island home, but Blurr disappeared after telling Salvage he would search for a missing member of the tribe. Salvage sent the rest of the humans off before going to look for his missing partner, and found the missing caveman in the bargain. After giving him an Energon amulet to protect him, the pair found Blurr trying to get the ship flying again. Furious that Blurr had both lied to him and attempted to leave without him, the two grappled, until a cave in forced them both to go into stasis. Unbeknownst to them, the caveman was frozen in the same cave but kept alive by the amulet, and was eventually found and revived by the Burns Family.

Salvage and Blurr were later found and revived as well, but damage to their ship resulted in Salvage losing all memory from before their crash-landing. Blurr told him and the others that it had been he, not Salvage, who led the rescue effort, and that he had saved Salvage as well as the cave people. After joining Rescue Force Sigma-17 as recruits, the pair scanned new vehicle modes, with Salvage-who had demonstrated an enthusiasm for recycling-adopting the form of a recycling truck. Eventually the truth about their arrival on Earth came out, and both eventually became full Rescue Bots. They would work with both their mentors and High Tide on various rescues as well.


Salvage is of the opinion that everything can be reused, and is stunned at the idea that people would throw anything away when it could be repurposed.


Salvage is a technical genius, able to cobble a variety of devices together from assorted materials.