Sally Jones is a human from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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Sally Jones is the daughter of Dr. Brian Jones and Miranda Jones, as well as being the younger sister of Chad "Kicker" Jones.

Like her brother, she is headstrong and can get rather cranky if things don't necessarily go her way. At the same time, she shows the same type of bravery her brother possesses, and cares very much about her family.

She seems to have a crush on Rad White.


Energon cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Nicole Oliver (English), Masumi Asano (Japanese)

Sally was watching the Omnicons refine some energon in the labs aboard Ocean City, asking questions about it to her mother. Her mother said that energon will be what brings humanity together with their allies, the Transformers. Sally then asked for her brother's opinion, which he brushed off, not caring. This outraged her. Soon afterwards, Ocean City was under attack by Terrorcon forces, frightening Sally enough for her to perform ventriloquism with her mother. Cybertron City

Sally rubble

Staryu, I choose you!

MUCH later, when Cybertron was under Decepticon domination, Sally showed pluck and determination while hiding out with her family. She bravely scouted with Hot Shot while they were all trapped underneath Cybertron.

She managed to infiltrate the Decepticons' main control center, giving access to the Autobots. As they made their way to the control center, she opened a Space Bridge, allowing Rodimus to bring reinforcements from Ocean Planet.

Sally hugs Rad

Rad, you dirty dog.

When Dr. Jones and Rad White entered, much to her father's chagrin, she ran forward to hug Rad, greatly surprising and embarrassing him. Galvatron Terror

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • A sign of things to come, in this first episode of Energon, during the scene where Sally and Miranda fall over after Ocean City is rocked by an explosion, Miranda wonders where Kicker is, but the line is spoken in Sally's voice (as Nicole Oliver plays both Sally and Miranda).
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