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Safeguard is a combiner formed by Jetfire & Jetstorm. He is bigger than Optimus Prime and apparently as strong or stronger.


Animated comic

Safeguard took down a Starscreamulation.

Animated cartoon

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Actor: Tom Kenny/Phill LaMarr (English; shared), Kappei Yamaguchi/Wataru Tagaki (Japanese; shared)
Sentinel Safeguard Optimus

Let's play the glare at Sentinel game!

The twins merged into Safeguard to fight Optimus Prime and Ratchet before the misunderstanding was revealed.


DNA Digivolve tooo.....

Later Safeguard helped take down Ramjet.



Safeguard Animated toy

How can he live as two without PAIN!?

  • Jetfire/Jetstorm (Voyager, 2008)


Rise of safeguard cover

Rise of Safeguard

  • The idea of two twin robots that can use fire and ice to attack and can also combine symmetrically into a larger form isn't new to Takara. In The King Of Braves: GaoGaiGar, the last of the Brave series, HyoRyu (Ice Dragon) and EnRyu (Fire Dragon) fit this description too. Later in the series, other robots with symmetrical combinations are introduced, making a total of three sets of twin robots (four brothers and two sisters) that usually combine into ChoRyuJin (Ice/Fire), GekiRyuJin (Wind/Thunder), and TenRyuJin (Light/Dark). Even later, in fact, two of the pairs cross-combine, and one of the products is GoRyuJin (Wind/Fire) and another is GenRyuJin (Ice/Thunder). Hmm... This marks the second time an element from GaoGaiGar is used in a Transformers series. Also, Ultra Raker from Brave Exkaiser used this combination style first.
  • Why the rather more obvious name "Firestorm" for this combiner was never used in favor of the seemingly less suited (and certainly less cool) "Safeguard" is an enduring mystery.
    • Certainly has nothing to do with DC comic's owning the trademark.....
  • Perceptor's dialogue in the Rise of Safeguard origin comic at least implies that Safeguard is the true form of the twins, saying that the two are split from a single protoform.
  • Safeguard is the result of an experiment from Starscream's specs. The wings on his back form the shape of an X, sounds like a certain other experiment based on Starscream.

Special Abilities

  • Firestorm: Unleashes blasts of fire & ice upon his opponents
  • Parallel Jetstrike: Unleashes a combination of fire & ice in vehicle mode

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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