Titan4.1 Safe room

Constructed on one of the lower levels of Autobot Outpost Omega One is the Safe, a huge chamber decked out with missile turrets, pulse lasers, and all manner of other fun things to test the Autobots' skills. Though the room's creator, Ratchet merely intended the name to mean it was a safe place to train, he prefers Raf's suggestion that it stands for "Systems And Firing Evaluation". Of course, since missiles and lasers aren't really that safe, there's also an observation area that people can watch the fun from.


Titan Prime comic

The Safe and the Failsafe

After kitting out the room, Ratchet showed it off to the other Autobots and their easily impressed human friends. Ratchet and the three kids retired to the observation chamber while the rest of the Autobots gave the room a first tryout. Unfortunately Bulkhead's method of doing so was to smash everything up as rapidly as possible. Granted the technique worked, but he also inadvertently uncovered a nuclear missile. The missile, which should technically have been removed when the base was originally stripped, promptly started a countdown. While Bulkhead held the roof up so it wouldn't cave in, Raf set about dealing with the nuclear warhead. Through a bit of reprogramming, he neutralized it long enough for Fowler to arrive with a team of scientists. Bulkhead later apologised for destroying the Safe, and Ratchet suggested Raf help him design a new one.


  • The Safe is not at all like the X-Men's Danger Room. No, sir.
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